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Ragnarok Press

All featured Fonts, Textures and Images Available for purchase.


In order to make the downloads from this site as easy and accessible as possible we are using PKZip compression for all files, including Macintosh files. We previously used StuffIt, but there are better Mac utilities for extracting PKZip files than there are PC utilities for extracting Stuffit files. This also lets us avoid having to Binhex all the files.

Please note that contrary to the claims of Aladdin software StuffIt expander WILL NOT extract PKZip files reliably. We recommend that you download ZipIt and use it to open our PKZip archives if you have a Macintosh. Alternatively, try StuffIt Lite, which actually has a PKZip extracting feature.

We have now added several image processing programs which should be a lot of help if you're a novice in dealing with images, or if you need a first class shareware graphics utility. Graphic Converter for the Mac is a very solid format conversion utility which will work with just about any image. Thumbs+ is similar in concept to Graphic Converter, but is newer and has more features. It's available for either the Mac or the PC. NIH Image is a powerful graphics editor for the Mac similar to Photoshop, but absolutely free courtesy of our tax dollars at the National Institutes of Health. It even uses Photoshop plug-ins. Paint Shop Pro works with Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 and offers most of the same features as Photoshop. Very powerful and will let you access most graphic formats. If you are having trouble with any of our TIFF fomat images, these utilities should help out a lot.

Download Stuffit Expander for the PC

Download Stuffit Lite for the Macintosh

Download ZipIt for the Macintosh

Download Unzip Tools for the PC

Get Thumbs+ for Macintosh or PC

Download Graphic Converter for the Mac

Download NIH Image for the Mac

Download Paint Shop Pro for Windows

We've now added a selection of font management tools for you to try out. All of these are shareware and free to try out. Check them out and see if any appeal to you. These are almost all for the PC, because there just aren't that many for the Mac. We may run a poll to see which ones work best sometime in the near future.

Download Font Manager for the PC

Download Font Finder for the PC

Download Font Impressions for the PC

Download FontTrax for the PC

Download Printer's Apprentice for the PC

Download Typograf for the PC

Download Fonts Manager for the Mac

Download Font Clerk for the Mac