Product Availability
All of our products are available for wholesale distribution, but some items are produced in smaller runs than others, particularly some of the clip-art titles. Products on CD may go out of stock from time to time and it takes some time for a new run to be pressed. This may result in delays on orders for those products, but we will inform customers at the time of order if there may be delays, and we will ship all available product immediately. Most products come in a dual format package compatible with both Macintosh and Windows. All font disks include both TrueType and Postscript formats.

The bulk of Ragnarok's software business has traditionally been conducted by mailorder, but our retail sales are increasing rapidly and we now have several forms of retail packaging available. Products on floppy disk come packaged in plastic blister-packs for rack display or in cardboard slipcases. CDs come packaged in jewel boxes with full-color inserts.

Discounts and Pricing
To qualify for a wholesale discount you must be an established retail or wholesale business either paying by credit card or COD or with established credit. All of our discounts are based on the total volume of product ordered. Mixed lots are permitted. To determine your discount, just find the number of units you are ordering on the chart below.

Total Units:	2-7	8-13	14-19	20-25	26+
Discount:	40%	45%	50%	55%	60%

All products are pre-priced in US Dollars. If you are selling outside of the US you will have to adjust your pricing accordingly. If you are a qualified wholesale customer there is no minimum order size.

Payment Terms
For US based customers with established credit we expect net payment in 30 days, but offer an additional 2% discount for 10-day payment and 5% for prepaid or COD payment. For new accounts and all accounts outside of the US we require payment in advance by credit card, bank draft in US funds or wire transfer.

We pay all shipping costs on orders of 10 or more units within the United States, including shipping to freight forwarders or consolidators. We do not pay any additional shipping for international orders.