After a while on the web you get tired of seeing everything in the same old fonts. Since fonts are what we do here at the Scriptorium it seemed like our responsibility to do something to make the web look a bit more interesting. We're putting out a series of free web fonts which we hope will bring your web pages and your browsing to life.

Our first three Web Fonts have been specifically designed for readable text. Unlike other fonts designed for screen display, ours are made not only with an eye towards legibility, but also with a desire to provide something a bit more stylish and eye-pleasing than some of the very utilitarian fonts you may have encountered.

Sirona is the best example of the special style we want to bring to web fonts. It is based on Lombardic calligraphy, but with modifications which make it extraordinarily readable on screen even at small sizes. Sirona is an excellent replacement for Times or New York or any other serif font set by your browser, but we particularly recommend it for web designers as a titling or captioning font.

As an alternative for those who value ease of reading over style and artistry, we offer Divona which has many of the characteristics of the most readable sans serif fonts, with the addition of moderate serifs which help the eye travel more easily when reading large areas of text. This makes it one of the most readable fonts you'll ever encounter. Use it where your browser suggests Times, New York, Arial or Helvetica.

For tables you've got to have a non-proportional font, so we've developed one which is very special. It is a hybrid font. Essentially it is a sans serif font, but has some serifs added in appropriate places on certain characters to address some of the spacing problems common in sans serif fonts and increase readability. We think the result is pretty remarkable. Use it in places where your browser suggests Monaco or Courier.

These fonts are licensed to you for free for your personal use. Download them. Install them on your computer. If you feel brave, use them to replace the default fonts in your browser. Give them a try and let us know what you think. Try out our test page at and feel free to send us feedback on the fonts.

If you run a website and would like to distribute these fonts to your users for free, just put a link on your page. Then you can define them in your HTML code (FONT FACE="Sirona,Divona,Onuava") to give your site a unique look. All we ask is that you distribute them with a link to this page. You can get the link button at

This is an ongoing project. We will probably make more changes and improvements to these fonts, plus we plan to release a set of three fonts specifically intended for website titles headers later this year. These are the latest versions of our web fonts. They have even more international characters, plus much improved bitmaps and other features.

Download Fonts for Windows (PKZip).

Download Fonts for MacOS (StuffIt).

Talos is a brand new web font, specifically designed for use as a primary browser font or as a main system font for file lists and desktop icon names. It's a bolder, proportionally spaced font, designed for optimal readability. Click here to download the trial version of Talos (it includes a full character set, but not some of the special features of the full release version) for either WINDOWS or MacOS Or you can purchase the expanded version online and get it quickly by email, including all the alternate and additional characters - BUY IT NOW