Since so many people keep asking us for advice and assistance with their websites, we decided to package some of what we do and make it available to anyone who needs it. While we don't claim to be the most powerful programmers in the world, we do know how to use fonts and graphics to make a strong online impression. No matter how interesting your site is and how many cool features you program into it, if it doesn't please the eye, people won't come back to it again and again.


Our first web design package includes 6 fonts specially selected for designing clear, readable and stylish headers and titles, a selection of multi-purpose and specialized buttons, some excellent stone and paper textures and patterns, sample html code for several types of page and a couple of excellent Java applets. Included among the fonts are Mephisto, which has a selection of unusual symbols to use in making buttons and Emblem which includes a large number of tile characters based on Roman mosaic designs and perfect for buttons and logos.This package is only $25. .


Our latest web design package includes 6 title and logo fonts, including the very popular Adresack, Brandywine and Dromon fonts, plus the brand new Hexstar font which has graphic characters specifically designed for making buttons and background tiles - you can download a demo version of Hexstar at the bottom of this page. It also has a nice selection of buttons. textures and patterns, plus several html page samples and a couple of excellent Java applets. This package is only $25.

These packages can be ordered by phone from 1-800-797-8973 or you can CLICK HERE to order online.

Look for more web resource packages soon.

Look below for the demo version of the Hexstar font, an excellent font for making unique looking buttons for your site.

Download Hexstar for Windows (PKZip). Download Hexstar for MacOS (StuffIt).