SCRIPTORIUM UPDATE #159 - Holiday News and Fonts NEXT NEW FONT - Ardenwood In about a week we'll also be releasing our next new font. It's called Ardenwood and it's something really unusual. You can see a sample of Ardenwood at SCRIPTORIUM UPDATE #153 - Medieval Fonts & Art Featured Font - Boetia Holiday Special Gift Certificate Offer Holiday Shipping Info See Be;low Holiday Font & Art Package New Medieval Fonts & Art Package New Fonts Intro Sampler Discounted Packages on Ebay NEW FONT RELEASE - Boetia Boetia is an Art Nouveau period font which is designed to give some of the feel of ancient Greek lettering and design.. It also echoes the lettering of the Psychedelic poster era and would be a great addition to any 60s font collection. The overall effect is both modern and classical at the same time, with readable, bold character forms perfect for posters or other titling uses. If you like our Hendrix or Pantagruel fonts you're going to love Boetia. To download and try out the demo go to and follow the link. HOLIDAY GIFT CERTIFICATE SPECIAL From now until the 25th we are offering a special discount on Scriptorium gift certificates redeemable for any of our products. These are beautiful full-color certificates with the l ook of a medieval manuscript - the people you give them to may like them so much they'll want to keep them instead of cashing them in (we can always hope). They are available in a variety of different values and can be redeemed by phone, online or by mail for any of our products. In honor of the holidays we're offering gift certificates at a special discount. If you get a $30 gift certificate you only pay $25, with similar savings at higher values. This is actually such a good deal that you should just buy a few for yourself to use later. The accross the board discounts can't be beat. To see samples and order them for delivery in time for the holidays go to: HOLIDAY ORDERING INFO Inevitably, the holidays impact our shipping schedule. They won't do anything much to online delivery, but things get tight this time of year when it comes to delivering CDs by mail or other methods - which is what a lot of people want since Fonts and Art packages make great presents. If you want s omething delivered before the 25th, here are the deadlines: Frist Class Mail: Tuesday the 16th Priority Mail & Global Priority: Thursday the 18th Express Mail/Fedex: Sunday the 21st This year the mail is apparently extra slow, so we moved the deadlines up a little bit just to be safe. HOLIDAY FONT & ART PACKAGE As you're working on your seasonal projects., don'\t forget that we have a special page and a whole package of resources just for the holidays. The page features 4 free downloadable fonts, plus some free art and a great article on making your own holiday cards. It's well worth a visit. Just to go to: MEDIEVAL FONTS & ART We're continuing to develop our selection of historical font and art packages with our new Medieval Fonts and Art collection. This new package features a selection of fonts and art based on designs from the Middle Ages, emphasizing the years from 1100 to 1400. The 25 fonts include versions of the major popular lettering styles of this period (Froissart, Offenbach, Cadeaulx, Textura Quadrata, etc) as well as more unsuual and decorative styles (Aneirin, Magdeburg, Roncesvalles), illuminated initials from the period (Arberth, Jongeleur, Fraticelli, etc.), and some special extras like Monumental Gothic and Ardenwood which combine illuminated letters and full regular character sets. Also included is our extraordinary set of fonts based on medieval tile designs by Owen Jones. In addition to the fonts there's a great selection of borders, frames and other medieval decorations developed from medieval designs by Owen Jones and Evelyn Paul. Together with the fonts they give you everything you need to make designs with a true medieval look. To see samples and get more info on the package, go to NEW FONTS INTRO SAMPLER We're bringing back what used to be a staple item in our catalog, the font sampler - a selection of fonts and other items from our latest releases designed as a perfect introcuction to our product line. The idea of the sampler is to offer an up to the minute look at our collection, and provide a low priced package on CD that new and potential customers can try out and gain familiarity with what we have to offer. The sampler includes the full, registered versions of 4 new font releases - Caswallon Archaic Text, Ducatus Rough, Setebos and Gehenna Extreme. Caswallon Archaic Text and Setebos have never been included in any other package. It also includes the working demo versions of ten of our most recent font releases. An added bonus is a selection of unique borders and frames which have not yet been included in any major package release - previews of the forthcoming Will Low and Eleanore Brickdale border collections. The final, and possibly most useful item, is the latest version of our full catalog in PDF format with complete character set samples of all our fonts. This is a great way to get the catalog on CD and avoid having to download such a large file. Best of all, the sampler is only $9.95 plus shipping. For more info go to DISCOUNTED PACKAGES ON EBAY Just as we used to do with some of our oddball leftover CDs, we're currently offering a limited number of copies of a few selected packages through Ebay. The selling prices are often substantially lower than the regular price. That's great for the buyers and we don't mind, because we only do 1 of each package per week, plus the real value of putting them on Ebay is that each listing is essentially an inexpensive advertisement which draws people to our website. The benefit of this for you and for some of those who discover us on Ebay get some of our best packages at substantial discounts. Plus the competition of bidding for a good product is kind of fun. To see what we currently have up for auction on Ebay take a look at: The current round of auctions is wrapping up very soon, but prices are still quite low. BTW, we're working on a substantial redesign of our site. If you want to see what it's going to look like, try out the page at Over the next few days this page will show more and more of the changes as they are implemented. Comments and suggestions are always welcomed. Dave (Note: to leave the list, just send an email to