Text fonts are fundamental for virtually any project. For a lot of computer users and desktop publishers text fonts are all there is. They tend to use the same basic fonts for a wide variety of uses, and they are almost all text fonts. Times and Helvetica are fine fonts, but they do get a little boring after a while.

At the Scriptorium we admire the utility of text fonts, but believe that utility and tedium don't have to be joined at the hip. We offer some very traditional text fonts, but we also provide a selection of more unusual fonts which will give your text a bit more style and character, while still providing functionality and readability. The one thing all text fonts have in common, and what we stress in our designs, is legibility and beauty at the relatively small point sizes usually used for text.

Our text fonts break down into three general types. We have traditional text fonts like Marquis and Savoyard, specialized text fonts including monospaced fonts like Angelus and Cincinnatus, and antique text fonts based on historical typefaces and in many cases including special antique characteristics.

Our traditional text fonts include both serif and sans serif faces and styles which have similar characteristics to the most popular fonts like Times, Palatino, Arial and Helvetica. We've all seen too much of these fonts, but there are times when conformity is expected, so our collection covers these basics.

What we really specialize in is providing text fonts which fit the needs of standard text uses, but add a bit of style or some unusual, special characteristics. Good examples of this are our monospaced fonts like Cincinnatus or Angelus which are easy to read at small sizes and have uniform spacing, but are more stylish and more attractive than traditional monospaced fonts like Courier or Monaco.

Our other specialty in text fonts is recreation of antique styles which have unusual merit or special character, such as our True Golden font based on William Morris' Golden, Cochin Archaic based on a 18th century design by Nicholas Cochin, or fonts like Boswell and Buccaneer which preserve the rough characteristics of old wood type. Many of these antique type fonts also include special characters like the long-s and alternate character forms to add to their authenticity.

All of our Text fonts come with complete basic character sets and are available in TrueType and Postscript format for Macintosh or PC-compatible computers. We currently have 5 text font samplers available for $25 each, with 8 fonts in each package. We also offer them as a package on CD or floppy disk for only $89. A number of our most interesting text fonts have also been included in our Master Fonts series with expanded characters for foreign languages. Click here for more info: MASTER FONTS

en of our most popular text fonts are also available at a very good price as part of our basic fonts package. Click here for info: BASIC FONTS

Our single fonts and text font samplers can be ordered online, by mail or by phone for delivery online or by mail. The special complete text fonts collection can only be ordered by mail or by phone and is delivered by mail.

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To order by phone call 1-800-797-8973.

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To get an idea of what our text fonts are like, try out the shareware version of Cochin Archaic. It doesn't have all of the punctuation and special characters, but should give you a good idea of what our text fonts can look like on your computer.

Download Cochin for Windows (PKZip). Download Cochin for MacOS (StuffIt).

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