Many of our fonts are released as shareware or demo fonts. You may have encountered one of these fonts on another website and it brought you here looking for more info.

The concept of releasing fonts in shareware and demo versions is to give you the chance to try the font out and play around with it before deciding whether you want to keep it and pay for it, or get rid of it with no further obligation.

We've been releasing shareware and demo fonts for almost a dozen years and some of the fonts which are out there are very old versions and may have outdated documentation. You should always come right to our site for the latest info and latest versions of the fonts. We have released over 200 fonts as shareware during that period. We are the single largest source for legally distributed shareware fonts on the various free font sites around the web.


If you like the shareware or demo font you downloaded and if you plan to use it, then you're obligated to pay to register it. You can play around with it for 30 days, but after 30 days you are supposed to either delete the font or pay for it.

Registering the font is essentially the same as purchasing it. When you pay for it you get the full, latest version of the font, plus a license to use that font on your computer for any design or publishing you do. You can't resell the font or give it to your friends, but aside from that there are few limitations on how you can use it.

To encourage you to register or buy the font we sometimes leave out secondary characters like numbers or punctuation. This may also be because the shareware or demo version is the very first version of the font which we release, and we then add a lot of characters and features before we do a commercial release of the font. When you register/buy the font the version you get will be complete and up to date with all the additional features you need.

It's easy to register a font online. Just CLICK HERE and search for it by name. Most fonts are only $12.


We're able to offer shareware and demo versions of our fonts because for the most part people are very responsible and are willing to pay the modest prices to support the development of new fonts they like. However, now and then our shareware fonts end up floating around the web stripped of their documentation without the info we need to make shareware work. If you happen to bump into undocumented shareware fonts on the web, please let us know so we can supply that site with up to date and documented versions. We appeciate your support.