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Ragnarok Press

All featured Fonts, Textures and Images Available for purchase.

If you've looked through our site you know that we offer a large and unusual selection of fonts and graphic arts resources. That's a good starting point, but sometimes you need something which is custom designed just for your specific needs.

We've been making our unusual vision and years of design experience available on a limited basis for years, but now we're ready to offer special design and production services more widely at very reasonable rates.

As you can see from our pages we have a distinctive style. We can change it to suit your needs, but any designer's character inevitably shows through in all their work. If you like the character of our work then let our designs work for you.


We have had a lot of requests for specialized fonts which include only a single character or a limited number of characters, usually a logo or a signature for convenient insertion in text documents. This sort of font is relatively easy to design and can be done at a very reasonable price. If you provide digital or camera-ready copy we can make your logo or signature into a font for just $25. This includes one character in a TrueType or PostScript font for either Mac or PC. Additional characters are $10 each.


As everyone knows, we design fonts. We design a lot of fonts, and there's no reason we can't design one for you to your specifications. We can do anything from using your drawings or other source material to developing something entirely original to meet your needs. The cost for designing a custom font varies depending on the amount of work involved, the complexity of the characters and the level of original design work required. Other considerations, such as assignation of rights and whether we like your font idea a lot can raise or lower the price. Custom fonts can cost as little as $100, but average in the $300-$500 range. If you're interested, contact us for a specific quote.


A number of customers have been impressed by the rich and detailed graphics and titles we use on our website and have wanted something similar for their own use for titles and logos both online and in print. We have years and years of experience doing this kind of detailed full-color work and can work quickly to your specifications. We can do a banner, a title or all the graphics for your website or other publication. We also have extensive experience with various graphics formats including animation techniques. Prices vary based on the amount of work involved, deadlines and other factors, but we can do a header banner for a web page for as little as $50.


Before the internet came along most of our design efforts were focused on printed media. We still do work for publication and our resources are available for hire to anyone who wants their publication to have the kind of look we produce. We're best known for our 'top-to-bottom' designs were we do all the color work, the layout, the graphics and even design custom fonts for a project. We have relationships with a number of excellent artists and can contract custom illustrations of the highest quality as well. This kind of service isn't cheap, but it can make your publication look truly unique. We can also do smaller scale designs, including graphics, typesetting, layout and even pre-press and print brokering. Prices for this kind of work are highly variable, but we'll gladly discuss any project and give you a fair price and work with you to meet your budget.


We also have a lot of experience designing websites. If you want to save time and trouble we can take your ideas and turn them into an impressive online presence quickly and at a reasonable price, including both graphic design and HTML programming. We can even set you up for online sales and program in Java and CGI functions to make your site more powerful. Our experience will help you avoid the pitfalls that catch so many when they first break onto the web. We price our expertise fairly, but it will save you money in the long run by avoiding costly and unnecessary mistakes. Tell us what you need and we'll give you a quote. Simple informational web pages with limited graphics are as little as $100.