This year we're bringing back what used to be a staple item in our catalog, the font sampler - a selection of fonts and other items from our latest releases designed as a perfect introcuction to our product line. The idea of the sampler is to offer an up to the minute look at our collection, and provide a low priced package on CD that new and potential customers can try out and gain familiarity with what we have to offer.

Our new sampler release includes the full, registered versions of four recent font releases - Caswallon Archaic Text, Ducatus Rough, Setebos and Gehenna Extreme. Caswallon Archaic Text and Setebos have never been included in any other package. It also includes the working demo versions of ten of our most recent font releases. As a bonus the package also includes a selection of unique borders and frames which have not yet been included in any major package release - previews of the forthcoming Will Low and Eleanore Brickdale border collections. The final, and possibly most useful item, is the latest version of our full catalog in PDF format with complete character set samples of all our fonts. This is a great way to get the catalog on CD and avoid having to download such a large file.

All of this comes nicely packaged on a CD for the amazingly low price of $9.95 plus postage. It's the about the best price-per-font deal you're going to see any time soon. To order the new sampler package just CLICK HERE