The Scriptorium Image Library is a collection of copyright-free, high-quality art and decoration. We have researched the work of the great artists and book illustrators of the past to bring together a phenomenal collection of the best classic clip art around. If you scan down this listing you'll see samples from some of the artists featured in our collection. Their works are collected on floppy disk or you can purchase the entire collection on CD for a very reasonable price.


Gustav Dore was the greatest book illustrator of the early Victorian period. With his amazing attention to detail, romantic imagery and accuracy in depicting human figures he had more impact on the graphic arts than any other artist since Albrecht Durer. Dore was extremely prolific and illustrated a wide variety of topics, so we can offer 7 different disks of illustrations, including his dramatic illustrations for Idylls of the King, Bible, Inferno and Paradise Lost. These collections are available individually for $18 each, or you can get the full set of 7 for $99. Dore's works are true classics and he gives his black and white etchings a level of life and depth you would normally only expect to see in color.


Howard Pyle is perhaps the greatest American illustrator of the 19th century. In addition to writing, illustrating and designing scores of books on historical and literary topics, he was the founder of the Brandywine school and the teacher of other renowned illustrators like N. C. Wyeth and Frank Schoonover. Although Pyle did color illustrations, he is best known for his detailed and humorous illustrations of legendary adventure stories and fairy tales. We currently offer 4 disks of Pyle book illustrations, plus a collection of his color art and three fonts based on his calligraphic lettering. The book illustration disks are $18 each or you can get the full set for $59. We also have a special collection of Pyle-based fonts and some of his best illustrations in our ARType collection. To get details click here: PYLE.


J. D. Batten may not be as well known as some of the other illustrators whose work we've collected, but the quality of his art speaks for itself. Batten's best known work was in illustrating fairytale collections compiled by Joseph Jacobs, particularly his Celtic and British Fairytales series. His clarity of style, excellent choice of topics and use of humorous images really stands out. Celtophiles will find his illustrations particularly interesting. We've only got one Batten disk for now, but we've filled it with his best images and it's an excellent buy at $18. You can also find a font based on his unusual decorative initials in our Decorative Initials 2 collection (SFL6002).


H. J. Ford is best known by his illustrations for Andrew Lang's numerous fairy books. In illustrating Lang's work Ford depicted a wide variety of topics, but his stylistically unusual interpretations of Eastern European stories are particularly impressive. We've put Ford's best pieces together on a disk for $18, but he was very prolific and we plan to add several more disks in the future.


Arthur Rackham is probably the best known English illustrator of the turn of the century. His aetherial style has been imitated by childrens book illustrators for almost a century and his illustrations for books like Wind in the Willows are legendary. Most of our Rackham collection can be found in our color images, but we do have one disk of Rackham's best black and white fairytale illustrations available for $18. We also offer three fonts based on Rackham's calligraphy and decoration (Rackham, Sangrael and Silhouettes). We also have a special collection of Rackham fonts and some of his best illustrations packaged together in our ARType collection. To get details click here: RACKHAM.


Aubrey Beardsley is one of the most famous artists of the late 19th century, renowned for both his visual talent and the circle of decadent intellectuals he was associated with, particularly Oscar Wilde. Much of Beardsley's work is bizarre, profane and erotic. We offer two Beardsley collections, one of his more standard work, including illustrations he did for Mallory's Morte d'Arthur (SIL3041) and one of his erotic and strange pieces, including illustration for Wilde's Salome (SIL3042) - don't order the erotica disk unless you're prepared for graphic sexual images and extremely, frighteningly large genitalia. They are $18 each, or you can get the pair for $35 together. We're also working on a font based on some of Beardsley's bizarre marginal decorations.


Harry Clarke was an extraordinary illustrator of the late Art Nouveau period. Although he eventually moved on into more of an Art Deco style before dying at an early age, he did some of the finest and most striking work of that period in his illustrations for Poe's Tales of Mystery and Imagination. We have collected the best of these pieces on a single disk for $18.

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