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As you may have guessed, our current front page was an April Fools joke. Hope no one was actually scared. This is a grand tradition at the Scriptorium, including some very elaborate bogus pages in past years. To check out some of our previous April fools pages click on these links: FOOL1, FOOL2, FOOL3, FOOL4,

Bridgeport is a font in the tradition of some of our most popular rough-hewn fonts like Windlass, Guilford and Scurlock.. Bridgeport has a narrow but elegant profile - great for use on posters. While it doesn't have a true lower case, it features a lot of customized characters especially customized ligatures for popular letter combinations to give many words a really unique look. HERE . The demo is one of the three fonts in the set. TThe full version of Bridgeport font set is available on our ordering site: CLICK HERE

Our newest release is a must-have. We've collected the complete set of historical source illustrations from Owen Jones' classic Grammar of Ornament and put them on CD in high resolution format perfect for incorporation in your designs. Come take a look at: GRAMMAR OF ORNAMENT

We've just revised and expanded our popular Colonial Fonts package. To give your designs the look of the 18th century in all its glory, take a look at our COLONIAL FONTS

Our latest collection of new fonts is our Renaissance collection. It features several new fonts plus classic calligraphic and decorative fonts from the Renaissance and a special bonus selection of frames and borders Come take a look at: RENAISSANCE

Our new collection of border, rule and ornament fonts from original and historic designs. Come come check it out at: BORDER, RULE & ORNAMENT FONTS

Despite the still frigid weather there's a rumor that Spring is coming. In honor of the season we've put some nice new specials on our Spring Specials page at: SPRING SPECIALS

Now you can get all our new fonts as they're released. Just join the font club and you'll get a typographic surprise every two weeks. To get all the info go to: FONTCLUB

Our Celtic art and font resources have always been among our most popular, and they keep growing and getting better. We've just released new versions of our Celtic collections with new fonts and graphics. To get all the info go to: CELTIC

Our new Deisnger Fonts packages feature selected original fonts by our designers, collected thematically. They include three new fonts from Peter Nevins at: DESIGNER FONTS

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