Eleanor Fortesque Brickdale was one of the great illustrators of the later Victorian era, even though she is not as well known as some of her male contemporaries. She was strongly influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites like Waterhouse and Millais, and studied with Lord Leighton. Her work also shows the influence of the Art Nouveau period and even the Impressionists, but it remains unique in its combination of modern and classical elements and its extraordinary technical excellence.

Brickdale's illustrations have many portrait-like qualities, and while they have some similarity in the formal poses and rich color to the work of Sir William Russell Flint, her subjects personalities shine through in a way which Flint's work never achieved. She also gives many of her images a faux-medieval look with elaborate stylized backgrounds and even painted text frames and decorations.

This new, expanded version of our Brickdale collection draws on all of her major works and includes illustrations for Tennyson's Idylls of the King, Browning's Dramatis Personae, Palgrave's Golden Treasury and a number of other works. Her interpretations of these classic poems of the Victorian and Romantic eras bring to life characters like Sir Lancelot and the Pied Piper in a style which is unique and entrancing. Her work is particularly characterized by the brilliant, lively colors, realistic faces and depictions of angelic figures amid everyday life.

Our Brickdale package is available for only $59 and includes a over 100 full-color illustrations in high resolution, as well as a selection of black and white borders, marginalia and decoration. As with all of our art packages the images are licensed for you to use in your designs and projects. If you have the older release of the package you can upgrade to the current version for just $25.

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