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Our new font for this month is Courier. It's a unique font with a perfect balance of elements which make it the most harmonious font in which to view edifying texts which will help you find your way to oneness with the source of all purity. Courier has been brought to us by our leader and its name is derived from its role as the Courier of our minds and souls into full understanding of the New Vision. Click here to try the shareware version.

Today we praise our new leader for his unique vision. He has stripped away the scales from our eyes and made us realize the futility and frivolity of our past work. We have cast aside and erased the decadently decorative fonts and corrupt calligraphy fonts and embraced a New Vision for eternity. We have abandoned color and complexity for the peace and oneness of purity and simplicity. Our new font and our new guide to happiness is Courier. It brings us the true message which other fonts seduced us away from. It is the one messenger of right thought and right action. Our new color is gray in all its many subtle hues, a color to calm, soothe and draw the eye towards our new destiny. Come, join us. Erase all of your false fonts and garish colors and fill your hard drive with the oneness of Courier.

This site will never again need to be updated. It will continue to bring this special message until our Courier comes to bring us home. Join us!