Classic Fonts

Whether for traditional baptism, dispensing holy water, or decorating your garden or patio - we have the fonts you need. We've been making fonts based on classic designs since 1992. We offer a wide variety of styles to fit with any design scheme and work only in the finest materials including aged marble, fine granites, high quality ornamental bronze, gold plate, sterling silver, pewter and chromium steel in our modern designs. We offer fonts to fit any space and price requirements, but always with an elegant, timeless look. To find out more, just click here: INFO, or read on for some information on our most popular font styles, like the best selling 'Lycidas' with its neo-classical fluting and unique blackened pewter cover (shown to left).

Gothic Fonts

Gothic fonts are among the most ornate and decorative, drawing on the detail and majesty of gothic architecture. They are usually massive and imposing, well suited to formal locations, but sometimes a challenge to work with. Our newest gothic font is the 'Gregorius' (see right). It is based on a design from 12th century France. The font is sculpted from fine Alsatian granite and decorated with detailed relief panels of historical scenes. It isn't our least expensive font, and at a weight of over 2 tons the shipping charges are a bit high, but it's worth it for a font of such majesty. To find out more about this font and our other gothic fonts, just click here: GOTHIC

Byzantine Fonts

The Byzantine style of design has been enormously influential. You can see elements of Byzantine design preserved in the ornate decoration of early Gothic France, in the Celtic tradition, and of course in Eastern European architecture and design. Our new Byzantine font is the 'Nicodemus' (see left). It is sculpted from travertine marble, with gilded columns, a full carved marble lid and a beautiful decorated panel of St. John the Baptist. It is delicate and elegant and would be a unique addition to any font collection. To find out more about this font or others in the Byzantine style, just click here: BYZANTINE

Renaissance Fonts

In the Renaissance fonts became more fanciful and creative, with gothic pictorial decoration giving way to floral ornamentation and reintroduction of classical architectural elements. Our newest Renaissance style font is the 'Mirandolla'. It is sculpted from Tuscan alabaster and decorated with floral patterns in deep relief, over a basic structure reminiscent of Roman era designs. The elegant design of the font is complimented by a burnished broze cover with silver chasings. You can find out more about this or our other Renaissance style fonts, just click here: RENAISSANCE

Roman Fonts

Nothing beats the classic look of a Roman era font. Fonts were in use in Rome well before the Christian era and it was during this period that the basic design elements of most modern fonts were established, with the traditional chalice-like shape with a columnar base and spreading, decorated bowl. Our newest Roman font is the 'Honorius'. It is based on a Lombardic design of the 6th century, with both figural and abstract decorations on the bowl. It is carved from Ligurian limestone and features an attrractive silver and gold plated cover. To find out more, just click here: ROMAN

Arts & Crafts Fonts

We've recently introduced a new set of fonts in the style of the Arts and Crafts movement of the 19th century. These designs are characterized by their elegant simplicity and refinement of classical designs. Our featured new font in this collection is the 'Caledonia', carved from Nova Scotia granite with restrained floral decorations and featuring a beautiful bronze and wrought iron cover. It combines the decorative and the practical and is the ideal solution for the limited budget that still demands elegance. To find out more about the 'Caledonia' and other Arts and Crafts fonts, just click here: ARTS & CRAFTS