We wanted to make an ultra-thin, tall font with a rough, hand-drawn look and ended up with more than we bargained for. To get the font we wanted we started by developing a source font for the basic letter shapes and we ended up with a whole bunch of variations of the basic style. Thus was born the new Ducatus family of fonts, starting with Ducatus Light which developed into the Medium and Heavy versions, and the Medium weight was ultimately used as the basis for the Ducatus Rough font, which was the goal of the project in the first place. Ducatus Rough was created by modifying Ducatus Medium in Photoshop using Gallery Effects and several other filter packages, and then redoing the outlines from scratch in Fontographer. A lot of work, but the result is just what we wanted. Ducatus Rough is the new featured font. Just click on the appropriate operating system to try out the demo version of Ducatus Rough for either WINDOWS or MacOS Or you can purchase the whole Ducatus family of fonts online and get it quickly by email, including all the alternate and additional characters - BUY IT NOW