One of our most interesting new projects is the Dudley font. It's another elaborately flourished calligraphic font based on lettering from Robert Dudley's 1661 map of America. The Dudley font is a major design undertaking because the capital letters are so fantastical, and because it includes three different sets of uppercase letters, as well as unique lowercase letters.

Atkinson Egyptian is almost ready for release. It isn't desperately exciting. It's a straightforward heavy weight, sans serif title font, based on lettering by Frank Atkinson. It looks nice, and it's practical, but it isn't anything remarkable. But sometimes we need fonts like this. We've actually developed this particular font as a basis for some other specialized font variations, because it's heavy weight and clean lines are easy to add certain specialized decorations to.

We recently found samples of a calligraphic variant of the classic 17th century Engrossing style. It's the basis of our forthcoming Engrossing Text font.

Fafnir initials is another new font we're working on. It's going to be part of our forthcoming Germanic/Norse fonts and art collection.


We're working on two new collections of font and art based on the work of two of the best illustrators of the early 20th century, Charled Folkard and Willy Pogany. These artists both worked in a variety of styles and formats, following the arts and crafts tradition of completely designing many of their books from hand lettering titles to drawing marginalia to beautiful full-color illustrations.

Pogany is probably the better known of the two artists, primarily because of his illustrations for the 'flower fairy' series of books, however his work included some remarkable books on a wide variety of themes, particularly mythology and fantastic literature. Pogany's most remarkable work is probably his illustrated edition of Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner, which includes beautiful color plates, decorative borders, marginalia and fantastic hand lettering. We've already designed several fonts based on Pogany's lettering (look for Isfahan and Gjallarhorn), and in addition to a large selection of Pogany art our new Pogany collection will include these fonts and also Mariner, a new font based on the lettering in the decorative title page of that book.

Charles Folkard is a bit more obscure than Willy Pogany, but in many ways he's even more interesting. His lettering style is even more destinctive and his work shows a greater interest in graphic design and experimentation. Folkard's master work is probably his illustrated edition of Ingoldsby's Jackdaw of Rheims, with extensive hand lettering, humorous marginalia and full-color plates. Folkard also illustrated and designed several fairy tale books, including Jolly Calle and Witch's Hollow which both feature extensive decoration and lettering in addition to color plates.

We've already done one font based on Folkard's lettering. It was developed from a characteristic style which he used extensively for book titles and covers. Our Folkard font has been one of our most popular and most recognizable fonts. It recently appeared in the titles of the fantasy movie Lady of the Lake. In addition to lots of art and borders, our new Folkard collection will feature two new fonts based on lettering styles used in his edition of the Jackdaw of Rheims, one a very traditional lettering style and the other a more fanciful decorative style.

The Pogany package will probably be available within the next few weeks. Look for the Folkard package in February. We're also working on some other interesting projects, including a collection of Persian miniatures to accompany our Arabian Nights collection