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A New Offer for Webmasters

We know a lot of you run websites - who doesn't these days - and like everyone else we're eager to get people to put links to our site on theirs. Unlike others who come begging, we're coming with gifts, or you might prefer to think of them as bribes. We've done something similar to this once before, but this time we've thought of a new and perhaps more fun incentive - designer t-shirts. If you put a link to our main page on your website in a relatively easy to find position or on a links page, we'll send you a unique and stylish all-cotton item of Scriptorium fashion wear. Assuming supplies last you even get your choice of size and design. The only restriction is that linking websites must be findable on Google. The link should go to our main page or a major sub-page appropriate to the theme of your website. If you prefer a graphic link to a text link, try one of the banners below.. Once you've added the link, just email us about it and we'll send a t-shirt. You get to choose from two basic designs, the Boneyardfonts.com t-shirt featuring art by Harry Clarke (see image to the right) and the Scriptorium Fonts logo shirt (see image below). If you want to take us up on this offer, just put the link on your site and send us an email with your address, t-shirt size and design preference. We have a limited supply of shirts, so we can't guarantee the shirt you want in the size you want, but we'll do our best for you. We'll even cover the shipping within the US. Once you've got the link up and running, just send us an email with this link or from any of our pages - offers@fontcraft.com


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