The Vengeance of the Left is Relentless and Merciless

In reading the news today I was reminded of what a good thing it was for the fledgling United States that our differences with Britain were mainly differences over policy rather than ideology. This meant that when the war was over both sides soon realized that mending fences and working together for mutual benefit was better than holding a grudge and keeping hostilities going to everyone’s detriment down through the years.

It’s different when dealing with differences which are fundamentally ideological, especially when the enemy is bureaucratic socialism and the transnational socialist elites. When you struggle agains them, lose or win, they will come back after you again and again, down through the generations until they wear you down, defeat and eventually destroy you. Their fervor is always strong because it is ideological and old grudges never fade because they are held by the institution rather than individuals. This is why a conflict with the radical left must end in victory and be followed by their ideological eradication and continued vigilance lest they rise up again.

The case of former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori brought this to mind. Fujimori saved Peru from economic devastation and made it one of the most vibrant economies in the world, with capitalist reforms which led to a boom which actually carried on for more than a decade after he left office, despite the disastrous policies of the presidency of Alan Garcia of the ARPA. Fujimori also brought about the end of the 15-year reign of terror of the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) and brought Peru peace for the first time in generations. But Fujimori became a target of the international socialists for his opposition to marxism and support of capitalism, and the basic ideology of the Shining Path was mainstreamed into the APRA party with support from anti-capitalists in other South American countries. In 2000 the APRA forced Fujimori to step down as president after a legitimate election had put him in office.

To avoid persecution by the regime of President Alan Garcia, Fujimori had to flee his native Peru, but her returned to face trial in 2007 and was sentenced to 25 years on a variety of corruption, bribery and abuse of power charges. Now Fujimori’s daughter is running for president against Garcia, and more charges have been brought against the jailed 71 year old former president, clearly intended to taint his daughter’s campaign.

Fujimori’s political career and personal conduct have mostly shown that he was scrupulously honest in most ways, really remarkably so for the leader of a South American country like Peru. He even removed himself from office twice to reassert popular rule and hold elections to validate his legitimacy with a vote of the people. Most of the charges against Fujimori basically stem from allowing too much latitude to his head of National Security, Vladimiro Montesinos and thus making himself guilty by association. Montesinos was instrumental in crushing the Marxist guerillas in Peru, for which Fujimori allowed him too much power and required too little accountability.

As soon as he left power the transnational socialist elite began calling for Fujimori’s head, with Marxist dictators like Hugo Chavez leading the mob. Garcia is a weak moderate at the head of a radical party which is under the sway of the socialist international and they are determined to get their revenge on Fujimori for the worst of all sins, proving that capitalism works.

In many ways this situation is reminiscent of the extended persecution of former President Augusto Pinochet of neighboring Chile, who also faced imprisonment and was hounded to death by the international socialist elite for having the gall to raise his country up out of poverty and years of socialist incompetence and prove that capitalism could succeed and bring a failed country to prosperity. Admittedly, Pinochet’s route to capitalism was bloodier and harsher, but there is no question that the benefits of his reforms far outweighed any harm which he did. All meaningless, because there are no breaks given for the good works of capitalists when Marxists get in power.

Fujimori is certainly a victim, but the ultimate losers will be the Peruvian people as what was a brilliant example of the success of capitalism and representative government takes its first steps towards socialist, bureaucratic statism under the malevolent guiding hand of the transnational socialist elite.


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  1. Absolutely, Stacy. I don’t see any possibility of military action against Iran. No more so now than when Bush was in office. At least not by the US. Maybe Israel could get away with something, but I think even that is a longshot.


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