Thanksgiving: American Day of Shame

I think I found this article on DailyKos, or perhaps ThinkProgress

By now it pretty much goes without saying that the United States is the most evil nation on earth. It has surpassed the worst crimes of every past empire, from the Romans to the British Empire to the Third Reich. The nations of the world hang their heads in shame that the ultimate Rogue Empire dominates and enslaves them all with its power built on oppression and exploitation and genocide – the three horsemen of the capitalist apocalypse. The world has become nothing more than a hollow husk being sucked dry of wealth and freedom and justice by the bloated leech that is the United States.

Even in the endless catalog of American outrages some crimes stand out. Dwarfing the genocidal murders of aboriginal Americans, Arabs, Vietnamese, and even 41 million innocent fetuses is the yearly slaughter of 262 million Turkeys, over 45 million of them on a single day, Thanksgiving. A day which, for its infamous association with the exploitation of the native population, as much as for its connection to the deaths of tens of millions of blameless avians, ought to be known as Shamesgiving Day.

What could be more quintessentially symbolic of America’s relationship with the rest of the world than the image of millions of bloated American faces stuffed with greasy flesh torn from the bones of noble birds, raised in slavery, slaughtered cruelly and roasted to feed the gustatory greed of the ultimate race of oppressors and exploiters. They suck up the flesh of Turkeys in the same way that their parasite nation sucks up the hopes and dreams of the rest of the world.

Like the heroic turkey, the people of the world want only to wander aimlessly in large crowds, occasionally charging around in mass panic or staring mesmerized at shiny objects. Yet the jingoistic greed of Imperialist America denies them this simple lifestyle and puts them to work in factories which are little better than slaughterhouses at wages which are the human equivalent of turkey feed. To avoid sharing the turkey’s gruesome fate the people of the world must turn aside from the path of capitalism and embrace a philosophy of peace, social justice and harmony, working together like a mass of turkeys for the common good.

In what is perhaps the supreme irony of the season, only one nation consumes more turkey per capita than the capitalist gobbler guzzlers, and that is their red-handed henchmen in the criminal Zionist state of Israel where the average citizen consumes almost three whole turkeys a year. They eat so much Turkey there’s hardly anything left for humanitarian workers from Hamas to distribute to poor Palestinian refugees driven off their land to make room for more and more of the turkey farms that spread obscenely along the once-green banks of the Jordan river which now runs brown with their offal.

Eat turkey you fat capitalist slavedriver and you might as well be eating the flesh of humanity with a dressing of cruelty and the gravy of greed. At least eat with shame and sorrow for the turkeys and for their human brothers who have given their all to keep your belly as full as your wallet on America’s Day of Shame, and may every bite you eat be as bitter as the tears of a mother turkey when her little gobblers are led away to the slaughter.

Happy Turkey Day, Imperialist Dogs!


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