Stupak Amendment Shows Folly of Single Issue Politics

By now everyone knows that the Democrat health care bill passed the House of Representatives mostly intact. One of the few changes made to it was the addition of the Stupak Amendment which removed federal funding for abortion from the bill. That amendment was enough to calm the reservations of about 64 conservative Democrat representatives and get them to vote for and pass the bill.

The bill retains incredibly draconian and unconstitutional provisions like a sentence of up to 5 years in jail for anyone who refuses to pay for health insurance, massive cuts in Medicare, substantial tax increases and an absolutely unsupportable cost in the trillions of dollars. The plan will increase health care costs for many and force them off of plans they would like to keep and even increase unemployment as small businesses face higher costs because of coverage mandates. None of that made these Congressmen think twice. They were willing to vote for it all so long as the bill didn’t include a single penny for federally funded abortions.

Pinning our hopes of stopping this monstrosity which will destroy the quality of American health care and bankrupt the nation on a group of blue dog Democrats shows the basic folly of single issue politics. If all they care about is abortion, then all it takes for them to sell out the rest of us is a concession on that issue. Since they have no greater principles and don’t really care about anything but satisfying the fanaticism of a small group of overly active voters, all you have to do is push the right button to have them do whatever you want. They are no longer legislators, they’re vending machines.

The truth is that they and the constituency they represent are not part of the great nationwide push to restore our liberties and get the government off our backs. That struggle is about great principles and restoring the basic values of our nation. It’s not about a single issue which, no matter how important, is meaningless if we fail to win the larger war for liberty. So you’ve saved a few fetuses. Were you really doing them a favor when you bought them their lives at the cost of enslaving them and their parents and future generations to an out-of-control state which can take away our rights one by one and seize the fruits of our labor by force?

How long do you think it will be before the immense and unaccountable health care bureaucracy created by this bill will begin funding abortions without regard to the law or the Stupak amendment? The sad truth is that when these Congressmen sold us all out they did it for a hollow promise from people they know cannot be trusted for a constituency which is as loyal to them as they are to the Constitution.

The passage of this bill and this amendment is as stark a lesson as we have ever had of the destructive role which single issue voters can play in American politics. They’re worthless as part of a coalition, you can only count on them to serve their one issue and place it above all others, and if you think they care about the constitution or the country or the best interests of its people you’re delusional. You can’t trust fanatics to look beyond their narrow horizons. In the end if they don’t put liberty first then they are enemies of liberty.

The religious right is celebrating this as a victory, but it may be a case of them winning a battle which costs all of the rest of us the entire war.


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