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In my ramblings from page to page I recently stumbled into a blog called The Age of Hooper which is worth checking out. It’s from an anonymous guy who spends a lot of time undercover going to AntiWar rallies and videotaping and taking digital photos of the activities and the people in attendance. Before you get your panties in a twist and suggest that he’s spying on these people, he does it mostly in the spirit of a good jest, his main interest being to record the protest songs (such as they are) of the current era – and they are generally godawful.

Protest songs aside, what I found most interesting were some of the still pictures of the people who attend these things and the beliefs they apparently espouse as based on the signs they carry and the t-shirts they wear. What he’s collected through these photos ought to give anyone who takes these protestors even slightly seriously something to think about.



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