Rule or Ruin So, the actual election is over,…

Rule or Ruin

So, the actual election is over, and Bush has clearly won by a margin which is small, but comfortable enough to avoid the contention of last election. Or so it would seem…

However, the hubris that drives John Kerry makes him unwilling to concede the election and willing to drag it out for as much as two weeks over the miscellaneous votes in Ohio. This despite the fact that it is a near mathematical impossibility for the provisional and absentee ballots to bring him in ahead of Bush even if he got almost every single vote on those ballots – very unlikely just on the basis of probability alone and even more unlikely given that many are military ballots which will go overwhelmingly to Bush.

What this tells me is that Kerry doesn’t care about the people or the welfare of the country. His ego and lust for power must be fed no matter what the expense and no matter what the damage he does to the nation, to the electoral process and to his own party’s reputation. This doesn’t really surprise me at all, but then this is largely why I couldn’t vote for the fatuous toad.



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