Only in America!

At a time when our most fundamental rights are threatened more than they have been in many years, with a future that looks bleak under a Democrat president and a Congress where both houses are dominated by an increasingly radical left, there remain some encouraging signs that America isn’t done yet.

As my first piece of evidence I offer you Ted Nugent’s appearance at the National Rifle Association convention earlier this month, where he debuted his new song “I Am the NRA” to wild approval. Ok, it’s hokey and may not make the top of the charts, but it’s hard to fault the enthusiasm for America and its values in lyrics like:

If you hate tyrants and dictators and are ready to give freedom a whirl
Celebrate the NRA and the shot heard round the world.

So long as the Nuge is around to sing about our rights, can we ever really have them taken away? Yes Ted, I am the NRA too!

But even better than the unsubtle songsmithing of the Nuge, is what’s been going on at a car dealership in Butler, Missouri. As Congress is working to shut down private sales of firearms at gun shows and find other ways to restrict our rights in a new incarnation of the abominable Brady Bill, the good folks at Max Motors have found a great new way to enhance the freedom of their customers – give away a handgun with every purchase. As they say in their ads, they’re “aware of the gasoline and crime problem in America” and they “want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.” So when you buy your new Ford, Dodge or Chevy vehicle, you can make sure you’re ready to defend it from marauding highway bandits with a pistol that will fit conveniently in your glove compartment. The “God, Guns and Gas” promotion only lasts through the 1st of June, so hurry down to Max Motors this weekend and drive out with plenty of horses under your hood and some big iron in your holster.

It’s news like these two items which make me glad to be an American and keeps alive my hope that we’ll make it through these dark times somehow.


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