Obama’s Future – A Nation on the Dole

One of the first goals of revolutionary movements from the Jacobins to the Bolsheviks to the radical administration of Franklin Roosevelt has been the creation or expansion of the welfare state. The goal is to create an underclass dependent on government for survival whose self interest dictates unswerving loyalty to the revolutionary establishment. These dolists will vote and protest and even riot in the streets to keep open the downward flow of wealth redistributed from the productive classes.

The Democrats have a history of using the poor as a powerbase and keeping people poor to expand that base. It started with FDR’s New Deal, continued with LBJ’s Great Society and with only 4 years to assure their continued control of government the cabal of Obama, Reid and Pelosi are working very hard and very fast to expand that base again by driving the middle class down into poverty and reducing the employment base. The goal is to have as much of the population as possible unemployed or underemployed and dependent on government for survival, justifying uncontrolled seizure of wealth and assets from the productive classes.

This plan is the only way to explain what appears to be a conscious decision to let unemployment run out of control, applying stimulus money to programs which do nothing to create sustainable jobs and doing nothing to address the decline of the dollar and the flight of businesses and jobs overseas.

This is the only way to explain the emphasis on creating green jobs, a practice which studies have shown destroys as many as 20 jobs in the long term for every new job it creates. How else can you explain the unprecedented deficit spending and accumulation of debt which has driven the dollar to its lowest value relative to foreign currencies in 30 years? If this is not a coordinated effort to drive people into unemployment and poverty then it represents criminal incompetence in the administration’s management of the economy.

With unemployment already set to exceed 10% and at the highest level in 30 years, the Heritage Foundation reports that the Baucus Bill which will be the basis for healthcare “reform” will solve the problem of the uninsured by moving as many as 14 million middle income Americans onto Medicaid, making these hard working families welfare recipients for the first time. It will also drive down the disposable income of millions more so that they will qualify for other welfare programs, including substantially expanding the number of families eligible for food stamps. All of this comes at a price of almost a trillion dollars and leaves as many as 18 million still uninsured.

In the past year we have already seen a 19% increase in the number of food stamps recipients nationwide, bringing the total number of Americans on Food Stamps to 12% of the population, the highest level in history. Government spending on welfare programs currently amounts to about 25% of GDP while private charities account for another 10% of GDP. 20% of the population is already on Medicaid and 25% more receive income subsidies through the Earned Income Credit.

With more than half of the population involved in some sort of government wealth redistribution program, we have set the stage for the perpetual rule of a majority which uses the power of government to vote itself benefits seized from the shrinking productive minority of the population. This is a formula for economic destruction, leading to the inevitable implementation of central planning and total state control of the remains of the economy. If these policies continue we will eventually see the end of private enterprise, perpetual single party rule, our entire workforce employed by the state and every one of our once free citizens will be on the dole.


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Dave Nalle has worked as a magazine editor, a freelance writer, a capitol hill staffer, a game designer and taught college history for many years. He now designs fonts for a living and lives with his family in a small town just outside Austin where he is ex-president of the local Lions Club. He is on the board of the Republican Liberty Caucus and Politics Editor of Blogcritics Magazine. You can find his writings about fonts, art and graphic design at The Scriptorium. He also runs a conspiracy debunking site at IdiotWars.com.


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