Obama Fan Attacks and Mutillates McCain Campaign Worker

In an incident which seems like it epitomizes much of the anger and bitterness of this election season, a McCain campaign worker from College Station, Texas who was in Pittsburgh helping to work a phone bank was robbed and then attacked, brutalized, and disfigured in what appears to be a politically motivated hate crime.

According to a report from television station KDKA, on Wednesday night, 20-year-old Ashley Todd was robbed at knifepoint at an ATM near the Republican phone bank where she had been making calls on behalf of the McCain campaign. After taking $60 from her, the robber noticed the McCain bumper sticker on her car and became enraged. The man hit her in the back of the head, knocked her to the ground and began punching and kicking her. He threatened her with the knife at her throat, finally carving a letter “B” in her cheek. During the attack he reportedly shouted “you are one of those McCain people,” making the political motivation of the attack clear. The attacker was described as African-American and about 6′ 4″ tall with a medium build.

ashleytoddBoth John McCain and Sarah Palin have called Ms. Todd with their sympathies and support. A spokeswoman for the Obama campaign in Pittsburgh said that they “hope that the person who perpetrated this crime is swiftly apprehended and brought to justice.”

Todd is one of 50 college Republicans working for the McCain campaign and is maintaining a blog of her experiences on the campaign trail. The picture to the right appears to be her based on photos from her blog and shows her with a backwards “B” on her cheek and a black eye. Its provenance is unknown.

In response to claims from pro-Obama bloggers that the story is fabricated and that she mutilated herself, Todd has offered to take a lie-detector test administered by the police. Police will also be viewing ATM video footage to verify her report and attempt to identify the attacker.


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  1. The Conservatives were all set to make Ashley Todd the next big “Ashley the Victim”. Along with “Joe the Plumber” they would take her on the campaign stump so she could tell sympatric throngs how she was assaulted and robbed by a black Obama supporter…and that a vote for Obama was a “vote for my attacker”
    As soon as they heard about the incident , McCain and Palin rushed to make personal calls consoling the “victim” and promising her full support.
    Right wing bloggers were getting set with headlines that would scream : BLACK OBAMA SUPPORTER RAPES WHITE MCCAIN SUPPORTER
    The McCain campaign was going to have a field day. The argument would go something like this: Obama’s campaign has encouraged their supporters to “get in the faces” of anyone supporting McCain. This led to black criminal elements in the Obama campaign taking things too far. Obama needs to rein in his people before someone gets killed. He’s running a Mafia like campaign to intimidate white voters.
    Bloggers were complaining online that the Sarah Todd assault story wasn’t getting enough play in the liberal media.
    Then, 48 hours after the “assault” whole incident came crashing down in a heap
    “Ashley the Victim” became “Ashley the Liar” when she admitted to police that she had made the entire story: No black man, No knife , No knocking her in the back of the head., No “feeling up her shirt”, No “B” for Barrack carved into her face, No $60 dollars , No McCain bumper sticker…”Nothing, Nada, Zippo”
    Now all the McCain camp has left is a stinking pile of embarrassing manure
    But because they made such a big stink about the incident in the first place Everyone is talking about Ashley Todd….The McCain campaign worker who lied.
    So here’s my question: “Is there so much hatred and loathing of Obama among McCain supporters that they have to resort to concocting “Willy Horton” type stories complete with fake assaults, robbery and facial disfiguring to frighten white voters to cast their vote against a black man.
    The woman could very easily have said she was attacked and robbed by an Obama supporter. Why throw a 6’ 4” 200 lb knife wielding black man into the mix. Does it add to the drama. Does it play to every white woman’s fears of dark alleys with strange black men?
    We are all relieved that this incident never happened. It would have been one more divisive wedge in a country where race and bigotry are still alive. Fortunately for us all, at least one McCain’s campaign worker can’t carve the letter “B” correctly.

  2. Note that this was a straight up news report which is based on the facts as they were known last night, before Todd confessed to the hoax.

    And where you get the idea this had any connection to the McCain campaign besides coincidence is beyond me.


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