Nugget: Great Reporting from Venezuela

In doing some followup on my last article on Venezuela, I stumbled on some fantastic first-hand reporting of the situation there from Krista Kapraios. She’s a journalism student from Johns Hopkins who’s visiting the country for six weeks on a fellowship, and she just happens to be there at exactly the right time to see events unfold. Her reports are riveting and alarming and confirm everything in my last article and more. They’re a must read at



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  1. Dave

    Just wanted to let you know that your reporting on Venezuela is great.

    Today Chavez showed up as a surpris guest on VTV and continued to say that the “NO” win on Sunday was mierda…as you know thats a pretty profane word for Latin America.

    Stay turned to Crazyland to see whats in store for the Venezuelan people. All I know is that it won’t be good.

  2. I tried to publish this comment and was told it was spam. What the hell does that mean? Romney’s people stuffed the straw poll ballot box in St. Petersburg, Florida the day of the debate with the help of the Republican party thugs. Multiple Utubes are on the internet clearly depicting the cheats. When it was publicized a Ron Paul supporter was told she could get hurt. Other incidences of obvious ballot stuffing have bee witnessed across the country, all aided by the Republican party. Just how does this behavior breed cooperation? The “good old boy” money changing hands type of politics are not for us. We are not just fighting for Ron Paul, but against the corruption in politics, aided by a media that is nothing more then a propaganda machine marching in lock step, manipulating the minds of the uninformed. The outright lies and disinformation enrages well informed citizens. We are the real Republicans, not the neo cons that have hijacked the party. Tension is high and we are sometimes overzealous, but Ron Paul supporters are the Heart of America and our candidate is the people’s candidate, the only honorable man in Washington. We intend to give them a December 16th message for Liberty that will be heard around the world.

  3. Elaine, wouldn’t it be nice if all those petty tricks were either not happening or happening FOR Paul rather than against him?

    The Neocons have NO power in the party and never have. To call regular Republicans neocons is part of the kind of insulting attitude that pisses people off and turns them against Paul.


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