GOP Unity Forum

I thought some readers here might be interested in a new site which I’m developing. It’s called GOP Unity Forum and it’s being put together as a meeting place for people of various persuasions within the Republican Party to come together to discuss issues and find common ground so we can work together to put the party back on course, institute reforms and unite against the threat posed by the resurgent democratic left.



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Dave Nalle has worked as a magazine editor, a freelance writer, a capitol hill staffer, a game designer and taught college history for many years. He now designs fonts for a living and lives with his family in a small town just outside Austin where he is ex-president of the local Lions Club. He is on the board of the Republican Liberty Caucus and Politics Editor of Blogcritics Magazine. You can find his writings about fonts, art and graphic design at The Scriptorium. He also runs a conspiracy debunking site at

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