Global Warming Fraud Exposed as Copenhagen Approaches

With the UN's International Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen only weeks away, recent revelations have thrown a monkey wrench in the plans of global warming activists to implement a worldwide treaty which would impose costly sanctions on the industrialized west and effect a massive wealth transfer to developing nations. The Obama administration had appeared willing to sign away a great deal of U..S sovereignty and transfer significant power over U.S. citizens to an unelected international bureaucracy, but the latest news may make it impossible to use anthropogenic global warming as a pretext for expanding the power of the administration's transnational socialist allies.

It started with the reluctant acknowledgment by many climatologists that despite past opposition, the claims of skeptics that the Earth has actually been cooling were essentially true. German scientists from the Liebnitz Institute for Marine Studies and the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology led the way, admitting that "global warming is taking a break," referring to the increasingly widespread acknowledgment that for the last decade temperatures have remained stable and that over the last 40 years the level of overall warming is considerably lower than previously claimed.

Even "Global Warming Central" at Britain's Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research had to admit that their past figures were suspect and that rather than a 0.2% temperature increase over the past decade their adjusted figures suggested only a 0.07% temperature increase during that period. Hadley has always been a leading source for global warming activism and their computer models and data analysis techniques are being looked at with increasing skepticism as they remain one of the few climate research groups still reporting any warming at all over the last 10 years.

This week Hadley became the center of a storm of controversy over "climategate" when a hacker accessed their internal network and made over a thousand emails and documents public, revealing what looks like a concerted effort to misrepresent the results of their research, manufacture bogus data, suppress data, tweak models to produce desired results, and carry out smear campaigns against climate change skeptics. As the story unfolds some are describing it as one of the greatest scientific scandals of the modern era. As the scandal has unfolded the reputations of some of the most prominent climate scientists have been placed in doubt and ties have been exposed to journalists and media outlets who seem to have been complicit in the conspiracy.

Reports from the UN's International Panel on Climate Change which were used as the basis for hysteria about global warming were based primarily on data processed by Hadley scientists, data which has now been acknowledged to be incorrect by the authors as well as being exposed as possibly fraudulent. It seems possible that a cabal of politically motivated scientists directly manipulated the IPCC to produce reports based on bogus data to advance a globalist agenda.

Even former Vice President Al Gore, who has filled the role of High Priest for the global warming movement, admitted earlier this month that the science was not entirely convincing, that C02 probably did not cause the global warming he had previously claimed, and that the fight against pollution was more a spiritual than scientific one.

President Obama and other world leaders have been backing away from full support for UN climate regulation plans and it looks like the Copenhagen conference may turn into a debate over the legitimacy of global warming theory rather than the triumphant enshrining of a massive UN power grab as originally intended. With the new revelations of fraud and error fueling more widespread skepticism, Europeans have joined Americans in their growing opposition to draconian economic restrictions based on a suspect and politically-driven climate change theory. If President Obama does go to Copenhagen he may find himself in the middle of a firestorm of controversy which he and his party cannot afford going into an election year.


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