Florida Republican Party Purges Outspoken Members

On Friday — timed just right to minimize news coverage — Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer and the state party Grievance Committee notified a number of party members, many of them holding elective office, that they were effectively purged from the party and had been removed from their offices and would be ineligible to hold any other party positions for periods ranging from two to four years.

The targets of this purge are mostly members of the Florida chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus, a group which seeks to return the party to its core beliefs of individual liberty, limited government, and free markets. These particular individuals were targeted because they had expressed opinions critical of party policy, candidates, and office holders, on the basis of which the grievance committee decided that they had "engaged in disruptive conduct likely to interfere with the activities of the Republican Party." Acting on the committee's recommendation, Chairman Greer issued letters stripping them of their offices and rights as party members.

This is the culmination of an ongoing assault by a party establishment dominated by big-government Republican hacks seeking to silence grassroots activists who are trying to reform the party and bring it back to the values on which it was founded. Previous actions against the RLC include an attempt to prevent them from using the word “Republican” in their name, despite the fact that the group has used the title for almost 20 years and obtained permission in writing from the party for the use of the name under a prior administration.

The current actions may be at least partially driven by the success of the RLC in Florida, where it has grown to be one of the largest political groups in the state, and by the outspoken support of many members for Marco Rubio, who is challenging incumbent Governor Charlie Crist in the next senatorial election. Many RLC activists supported Ron Paul in the last presidential primary and were not enthusiastic about the McCain nomination, drawing criticism from the party establishment. Also at issue were demands for an audit of the state party and an investigation into financial improprieties by Orange County Chairman Lew Oliver.

The complaint against Florida RLC Chairman Will Pitts was typical of the type of issues raised against the targets of the purge. Pitts attended a Campaign for Liberty event, wore a Ron Paul button after the primary, went to an End the Fed rally and was critical of GOP leaders, including describing Chairman Greer and Governor Crist as "pathetic and embarrassing."

On the basis of actions like these, which amount to little more than having an opinion which is unpopular with the party leadership, Pitts was banned from serving in any official office in the RPOF for two years plus another two years of probation, during which expressing an unapproved opinion will presumably lead to further punishment. Other RLC members targeted include Nick Egoroff of Orlando who was expelled for four years, Northeast Florida RLC Chairman John Stevens who was removed from his office as a Precinct Committeeman and banned from office until 2013 which is after the next election cycle, and RLC board member Elizabeth Campbell who was stripped of her position as a Committeewoman in Escambia County. Others targeted in the purge include Brevard Republican Chairman Jason Steele, Orange County Precinct Committeeman Deon Long and anti-tax activist Doug Guetzloe of Orange County. Egoroff plans to file a lawsuit against Greer and the state party.

It is troubling to see these purges directed at loyal grassroots activists like Will Pitts and John Stevens who have been working hard for years to build up the Republican Party in Florida, bring in new blood and encourage reforms and a return to Republican ideals. It's outrageous that they have been punished by the Florida Party for little more than expressing personal opinions which were not popular with a leadership which has no tolerance for dissent or speech which doesn't match their version of political correctness. The GOP has always been a "Big Tent" with room for diversity of opinion and a respect for the right of free expression, but in Florida under Greer the rules are more like those of the Soviet Communists who believed that slavish subservience to the party was more important than individual rights.

Who can blame these activists for their honest disagreement with the policies which have taken the GOP away from its principles of limited government and individual liberty, sold its soul to special interests, and brought it to a reduced status as a minority party in both houses of Congress? The party needs them and their idealism far more than it needs leaders like Greer who defend the status quo with purges and suppression of dissent.

It's also disturbing that many of those purged held offices which they were voted into in a public election. It is fundamentally wrong that party officials should negate the vote of the people for such petty reasons. The will of the people is not lightly flaunted and there will be a price to be paid in the next election for riding roughshod over the voters and party rank and file who see the need for change which the leadership is blindly resisting.

Party leaders ought to be looking to the RLC for a new generation of leadership, not singling them out for punishment for stating truths which ought to be obvious. This purge is a direct attack on loyal Republicans who just want to see the Party live up to its avowed beliefs. Healthy debate makes the party stronger and enthusiastic grassroots activists like these should not be punished for commitment to principle or idealism, even when it leads them to openly criticize the leaders who have failed them and the party.

The national board of the Republican Liberty Caucus has issued a strongly worded press release in support of the Florida chapter urging their members nationwide to write letters to newspapers and national party officials protesting the purges.


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  1. This is the real reason Pitts got booted!

    “For liberty to survive in America. Obama must win.

    Here is how I see the current garbage being pushed to us from the mainstream media. My opinion is that in order for us to to save America Obama has to win. If McCain wins then those who consider themselves to be “conservatives” will be lulled back to sleep. They will feel they have won and will tune into their daily dose of Hannity and Rush and feel as if by listening to talk radio for an for an hour a day they are Patriots.

    I have experienced deep resentment from my own party just as Ron Paul did in the primary. The Republican party does not want anything to do with repudiating the communist manifesto. Both Obama and McCain support the erosion of property rights, they are jointly embracing Al Gores environmental initiative. McCain is heading the globalist environmental agenda, they both support eroding our sovereignty to the UN, they both support the Kyoto treaty, they both support an assault weapons ban, they both support gun confiscation, they both support a centralized US Department of Education, they both oppose the 10th Amendment, they both support continued war, they both support unlimited borrowing, they both support a graduated income Tax, they are both socialist.

    The problem with a McCain is that when he practices socialism conservatives are treated as heretic for speaking against what he is doing. Many in the party are so stupid that if a Republic does something that is socialistic and the talking heads promote it (i.e war) then the socialist policies become “conservative.” Then one is not a “good Republican” if they speak against the new policy of the party, even if what they are doing is un American.

    Therefore, the only way to effectively awaken and unify the Constitutional Conservative Republicans, Constitutional Conservative Democrats, Constitutional Conservative Independents is to have blatant socialist in office.

    The demise of America is coming from those who claim to be Conservatives who do most harm to the Constitution. John McCain would be exactly that type he will kill the constitution and our sovereignty through incrementalism.

    At least with Obama he is going to go for the brass ring to bring in tyranny and socialism. At that time hopefully Constitutional conservatives can call the question to restore the republic. Below is my take on Globalist McCain.

    On McCain

    The final push to get the sheep into the slaughter pen is underway. The Globalist Neo-Conservatives have successfully taken over the Republican Party just the same as the Nazi’s took over the Weimar Republic and suspended the German Constitution. The Nazi’s then led a totalitarian regime and the rise of Hitler in his quest to establish the New Order.

    Hitler’s globalist movement continues today with the New World Order and can not be accomplished until the American people become disarmed and subservient to the United Nations and its World Trade Organization and their un-American socialist agreements NAFTA and CAFTA and the ultimate override of US Sovereignty – NATO.

    The Globalist have slowly and gently guided the American people from thoughts of freedom and liberty to government domination and group speak through media manipulation, marginalization, humiliation , loyalty oaths, and rigged straw polls.

    Their final denouement was to secure their nomination by demonstrating their ideal police state at the Republican National Convention (“RNC”) evidenced by armed gun ships, check points, swarms of combat police in full riot gear, intimidation, unlawful arrest and the such. Even within the Republican convention the Nazi ilk demonstrated and flaunted their take over of the Republican Party by recruiting partly loyalist to watch other party members and to report them and strong arm them to silence dissenting opinions. All of this was well funded by the US taxpayers and the multi national corporate lobbyist who were celebrating their victory over the people.

    Prior to the RNC their well orchestrated schemes were evident with local party bosses parroting the orders of the state bosses who parroted the orders of the national bosses who parroted the orders from the RNC committee leaders who received them directly from the oracles of the anti-American lobbyists and special interest groups. The McCain annointing message was sent down, comply and you will be rewarded, and if you do not comply and get rid of all dissenters you can plan on a ruined political career and no funding unless the message was pushed down stream.

    The handwriting on the wall was there for all to see during the last week of December 2007 when long shot candidate John McCain received “in a rare move” the support form Benedict Arnold, foreign born, Heinz “Henry” Kissinger. http://www.nysun.com/national/in-a-rare-move-kissinger-endorses-mccain/68421/ Heinz then quickly paraded the washed out parrot John McCain to the Council on Foreign Relations and to its members including their CEO and reported of the national global media firms. This immediately ensured that the McCain “Maverick patriot” message was pushed down to the masses.

    Quicky Former President Bush jumped in and backed McCain.

    Once Kissinger, Bush, the Carlyle crew and the AIPAC elite announced the announting, the talking heads on the networks, that are predominately viewed by the party membership, went to work to prop up McCain. They simply began talking about how great he is are all day long while simultaneously marginalizimg his opponents.

    McCain did not need real support or money and coincidently at the time McCain had neither. The message began with “McCain may not have money but he is going to win New Hampshire.” Blah, blah, blah, it was story after story all day long about McCain heading to New Hampshire and winning again. The benefit and value of the incessant free positive media coverage provided by the major network would have cost in the tens of millions of dollars if not the hundreds of millions. The fix was in and the game was on for the minds of the 80% of Americans who form their opinion from televisions. These same non-thinking Americans place implicit trust in what the “credible” pundits have to say and they were saying “McCain.”

    Simultaneously, the media controlled networks and AIPAC writers began their smear campaign against the only pro-American, Pro Liberty Candidate that was in the presidential race-Ron Paul.

    Mona Charen Slimes Ron Paul

    Ron Paul – The Smear Campaign

    Ron Paul smeared by CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin about NAFTA highway

    Media Campaign Against Ron Paul Continues

    Following McCain’s visit to the CFR has was paraded to the Anti- American – Israeli Lobbyist firm AIPAC where he was escorted by his two handler rabbis – rabbi Kissinger and rabbi Lieberman, where he swore upon the altar of the Global New World Order allegiance and aid to Israel and swore to continued aid to all foreign nations as directed and allegiance to defend the Israeli agenda and to continued preemptive war against those enemies so declared by Israel.

    Any liberty minded individual who has not witnessed the erosion of the Bill of Rights with the Patriot Act, John Warner Act, Military Commissions Act and other such tyrannical pieces of Unconstitutional legislation has been asleep. These assaults on the U.S. Constitution and the American People are all supported by the treasonous traitor John McCain.

    Now the very elect –the remnant – is still being deceived. We are told “you have got to vote McCain or we will have Obama. Big Bad Obama.” Okay, so in order to go in and push the button or pull the lever for McCain I just need to reconcile a few things before I sell my soul to Satan.

    No wait, we are told Obama is Satan, McCain is a lesser of two evils. So i guess he is more like the one of the minion demons Balaam, Beelzebub, Baal or Amdusias. He is a lesser of two evils so that wont be that bad. Because as we are told, “nothing is as bad as having Satan.:

    So let me ask you this rhetorical question, “If you had to leave your children and posterity with Satan or one of his demons, which one would you leave them with?”

    And yes, they are going to try to scare us, “McCain will support good judges, Obama will support bad judges.” We are told, “Obama will raise taxes, McCain will not.” Hello, unless you have not heard, we are $10 trillion in debt, have $40 trillion of debt obligations and Bush and the Central Bankers are working to saddle us more debt than the entire worlds GDP. This is more of the big lie. In reality, these guys serve the same masters there will be no difference. The two worship at the same altar.

    So then, realizing that the American People were not buying the McCain story hook line and sinker – and they damn sure were not buying a McCain – Lieberman ticket they reached into their bag of tricks and pulled out Sarah Palin.

    Sarah Palin is the latest rabbit out of the hat. Along with Palin comes the globalist media machine to sell her as the savior of the party and the savior of America. We if she is so great, why doesn’t the party switch her to president and McCain to VP?

    The neoconservative handlers have taken her, written her policy, they wrote her speech at the convention and they have her on record reciting her speech. She can not change her position if she wanted to. This tells us that if what she said is what she actually believes, then we need to reject her message. If she said what she was told to say then I definitely don’t want her because she is not strong enough to stand up for the courage of her convictions. She is not fit to be president.

    Aside from that, the woman is crazy. She thinks it is Gods will for us to preemptively invade other nations and murder their citizens because they may attack us or they may develop a weapon for their own defense. I think we have heard that before. Sarah Palin is a red herring for the globalist and an irrelevant non-issue.

    McCain will continue to disregard the US Constitution to sacrifice the lives of our young to do the bidding of Israel and the Neo-cons. McCain is a traitor and enemy to the US Constitution and has no problem sending our youth to slaughter for his own lesser demon goals of the world.

    McCain will continue to promote the United States participation into NATO thus allowing the US to be pulled into Unconstitutional wars.

    McCain will continue to promote the devaluation of the US Dollar and enslavement of Americans through US Debt.

    McCain will continue to promote the Sovereignty of the United Nations and a world government to the detriment of the US Constitution.

    McCain will continue to promote the Real “Dangerous” ID Act that allows for the federal government to surveillance all Americans including our children and to track their every move.

    McCain will continue to undermine the sovereignty of the States and their legislatures.

    McCain will continue to promote a federal education system that overrides the state legislatures and pushes a socialist totalitarian worldview on our children.

    John McCain and his ilk are traitors to the American People and the US Constitution. Any support of this man and their Forth Reich regime constitutes aid and assistance to the enemy of the US Constitution and aid to a traitor to this nation. They do not hold a monopoly or a claim to my mind or my vote.

    So as for me I will not cave to the manipulation of two false choices.

    So as for me, there will not be blood on my hands by consenting to their actions. They murdered nearly 70 children in the past month in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    As for me, my children will never be in shame because I have to tell them I supported a tyrant who murdered hundreds of thousands.

    Every vote for McCain will show a false sense of support for the lesser of two evils. The lesser of two evils is still evil and we must reject the evil. Our fight does not end in November, it has only just begun.

    And no we don’t have to leave the Republican Party if we don’t like McCain and the Neo-Conservatives. If someone breaks into your home and holds you by force and says “sign this oath to support me or leave your home to me”, do you leave or do you fight to take it back?

    This is the same false choice we are presented by those who are attempting to take the party and the country captive. We will stay in the party. We will take a stand. We will fight. We will silence those who are traitors to the U.S. Constitution, traitors to our sovereignty and traitors to America.

    We have been asleep but the spirit of liberty has been re-awakened. We are back, we are not going anywhere and we are here to take it back!

    -Will Pitts”

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