Do Supporters of Socialized Healthcare Just Not See the Irony?

Here we are debating the implementation of healthcare reforms which will likely lead directly to a nationwide system of socialized medicine, while we have sitting before us direct object lessons in how disastrous and ineffective a state-run healthcare system can be. All we have to do is look across the ocean or read a European newspaper to hear stories of the ongoing and repeated failures of their attempts at nationalized healthcare.

The left is eager to dismiss the failures of socialized medicine worldwide and point to irrelevant statistics like life expectancy as if they mean something and wring their hands over the uninsured and call us racists or rednecks or some other sily name to distract from the real issues, but with new examples of how disastrous nationalized healthcare can be popping up almost every day, their attempts at distraction seem feeble and pointless.

Here’s the lesson for today. An article in the Times of London reports that while the average British citizen waits months to see a doctor and weeks for lifesaving treatment, employees of the National Health Service, in full awareness of the life-threatening inefficiency of their system of heavily rationed healthcare, have arranged to be exempted from that system and receive priority treatment from private doctors.

Yes, the British National Health system which is so highly admired by our left here in America is such a mess that it’s own employees use taxpayer funds to receive timely and competent treatment in the private sector which they and their patients cannot get from the NHS. They report that in the last three years over 3000 NHS employees have received private medical treatment using public funds.

The argument for allowing this is that these workers are vital to the functioning of the NHS, so getting them treated and healthy in a timely manner helps keep the system running so that customers get better service, costs are kept down and workplaces are healthier. It’s a reasonable argument, but why is it not just as valid for every citizen working in every job in every other industry? Wouldn’t their employers like them to get treated quickly and be healthy and get back on the job? Wouldn’t they like to not have to wait weeks and months to get necessary treatment?

This is what we can look forward to with socialized medicine and with socialism in general, a system where rationing and inefficiency make everyone suffer, except for the bureaucratic elites and other vital public servants who manage to exempt themselves from the system under which the rest of us suffer. I’d laugh at the irony, but the fact that we are actually considering doing this to ourselves is just not very funny.


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