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  1. You’re right. I saw it Monday night, and saw a lot of hard work go out the window because of one hothead. So, they rigged a straw poll, so what? We still need them. That’s why we were at the meeting, dummy. To join them and hopefully win them over; not piss them off. We need to get smart and make friends, not alienate the establishment. We will need their delegate votes at convention.

  2. I can’t blame them for getting angry,I am about fed up with all the hoopla doodoo(didn’t want to say a foul word) the Republicans(of which I am a registered voter)try to pull at these straw polls! Politics as usual!! I have voted Republican since 1976, so, I am clearly not a young hot head or from the ‘hippie’ generation. I am mainstream! For the first time I will vote for someone who has strong convictions, and whom will NOT be bought out by big money(oops corporations)or the few who actually run this country and push down our throats who we should ‘vote’ for! Go Teaparty! My vote is for Ron Paul!!

  3. I’m not an extremists kook like you describe. You need to get out more. Beyond the beltway, at least mentally.
    I’ve met hundreds of Ron Paul supporters, and it runs the gambit. I’ve convinced two friends just this week to support him and sign up for All it took was for them to spend some time getting to know him. In Liberty’s Cause, Clell

  4. Where were you straw polling, Mike? This kind of thing should be documented and reported to the state party. They actually will take action.

    The misbehavior in response to Paul activists is understandable, but it’s not actually acceptable.

    BTW, why are people posting to the contact page?


  5. he didn’t say ” I’d like to do away with it” (the Constitution) Stupid. You are a moron. Move to Pakistan, you will like it better there…………

  6. CC. If you amend the Constitution to make it nothing like what the founders authored, then you have destroyed the Constitution.


  7. Love the write up! Please note that the non-partisan non-profit whose resources were used by Legacy PAC and to campaign for Dr. Joe Pojman’s Chairman’s race was Texas Alliance for Life not Texans for Life or whatever you wrote. Their website is and their PAC did not make public its intent to run Pojman for office in the GOP or make it clear to non-partisan donors that part of their money goes to fueling the very partisan Legacy PAC. Also, the auto dials for the Chairman’s campaign originated from a Texas Alliance for Life phone number.

  8. “he didn’t say ” I’d like to do away with it” (the Constitution) Stupid. You are a moron. Move to Pakistan, you will like it better there…………”

    …Nonono, not Pakistan. They don’t have a clue how to make good Baklavah over there! Send him to Sierra Leone instead.

  9. Sweet web-site. Well done. My favorite part is the pile of incomprehensible text on your front page. This site is gonna get you on that gravy train with biscuit wheels the day after tomorrow…

  10. Dave,

    I found your site from a link on my local Aryan Nation website. I love your blogs and have clicked on your advertisements in support of your great writings.

    I will tell all of my brothers to also go click on your advertisements as a small contribution from the brotherhood.

    Thank You.

  11. Well Jim, if clicking on an Amazon link gets you to read a good book which might break you out of the Aryan delusion then my good deed for the day is done.


  12. Tsk tsk Dave…that sounds an awful lot like Ron Paul when he decided not to refund that donation from a white supremacist saying he’d rather it go toward liberty and individualism which is counter to the racism of the white supremacist.

    Why are you accepting money from white supremacists?

  13. Because money knows no politics, Bill. And you probably didn’t notice it, but I have never faulted Paul for taking money from white supremacists. Not a problem so long as he doesn’t accept their endorsement or endorse them and their ideas in return.

    BTW, when you come to punch me in the nads in Houston I’ll probably be at the Republican Liberty Caucus booth along with the other folks promoting liberty in the GOP.


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