Bugatchi Bracelets for Men

Like many men, I have an affection for decorative accoutrements, but the sad reality is that as a man the options for socially appropriate masculine adornment are sadly limited. When you want something manly yet attractive you don’t have a lot of choices, and there are even fewer options which work well with informal dress.

One option which is becoming increasingly popular is the male bracelet. These are different from a woman’s bangle or tennis bracelet in appearance and materials and are available in a range of prices, most of them pretty reasonable, though I’m sure you could find ridiculously priced ones if you looked in the right places.

There are many different designs, but my eye was caught by the simplicity of the bracelets by Bugatchi that I found at Nordstrom’s Rack.  They are simple double loops of braided, stained leather, held together with an elegantly simple magnetic clasp.

The Bugatchi bracelet comes in a wide variety of colors and color combinations, including simple single colors and braids of up to three colors to match with any outfit. Because they are so simple you can wear more than one at the same time and work out complimentary color combinations. They are a nice alternative to other braided leather bracelets which tend to be overly complex and ornamented with beads and complex interweavings. Simpler and cleaner is more masculine, in my opinion.

If there is a shortcoming, it’s certainly the price. The list price of $59.95 is a pretty high for a bit of braided leather, no matter how stylish. However, they are discounted 30% on the Bugatchi site and 50% off if they can be found at your local Nordstrom’s Rack, though mine was out of any in single colors.

This is a nice, simple decorative option for a man, and I especially like the magnetic clasp which gives you something to fiddle with to occupy idle hands. They’re attractive but not so obtrusive that they clash with other items of clothing. They just provide a little color accent. I have several of them and would recommend them highly.


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