Bringing Together Texas Bloggers on the Political Right

Today I’m taking part in a conference call sponsored by Americans for Prosperity to try to mobilize and organize Texas bloggers who lean to the right.

Before I even go to the call at noon today I wanted to lay out my suggestion for how to best do that.

I think we should launch a blog syndication site in a news magazine format similar to the experimental sites I’ve been playing with at and CenTex Register, which would bring in RSS feeds of articles from the best Texas bloggers and then have a small editorial staff to go over the feeds and select the best to appear on the site.

The editors would filter out material which wasn’t relevant to Texas or relevant to national issues of concern to Texans. I’d also suggest that the site not include excessive contributions from single issue bloggers, and include input from a wide range of the right, including Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians.

The editors would also be responsible for releasing periodic press releases to Texas news outlets, drawing attention to specific issues and the content featured on the site which pertained to those issues.

To make this work we’d need an editorial board of at least 3 experienced bloggers with editorial experience who would commit to writing the occasional lead feature for the site which would appear there before it appeared on their own blogs so that the feature section could be configured to meet the standards of GoogleNews. They’d also have to agree on an editorial policy and spend some time approving articles based on that policy, as well as cleaning articles up to meet style standards.

I think an approach like this would help launch our best bloggers from individuals in the wilderness to a strong combined voice in the state.

I have some ideas for who I’d like to see involved, but right now I’m just trying to raise interest in the idea. I even have a potential domain name staked out.



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