An Open Question to the RNC Candidates

This may be a bit frightening, but I actually made a video blog. It was prompted by a video I found on YouTube of Saul Anuzis answering questions about his campaign for RNC chairman. I missed my chance to ask a question in advance, but I thought I’d play around with video and put my single question out there on YouTube. It’s primitive and the quality is poor, but I’ll do better next time.

The question is universally applicable. I’d love to see any RNC chairman candidate answer it honestly.



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  1. OK Dave … Go to Barnes & Noble or Amazon a get a book or two on beginning video and visual communication before next time. You only have one time to make your first best impression; e.g., improve your attire; use a clean background, stop bouncing around, and most importantly — get to the point and don’t waste the viewers time.

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