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It’s Time to Stop Card Check

April 21, 2009 Dave 4

When the Republican party was founded it formed around a nucleus of anti-slavery activists and northern labor reformers. They saw that the larger economic and […]

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At the Austin Tea Party

April 15, 2009 Dave 3

With tea parties going on nationwide I thought I’d better get down to Austin and make sure I didn’t miss out on our local protest. […]

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BTR Appearance

April 9, 2009 Dave 36

Yesterday I was a guest on the Blogcritics Live Podcast, being interviewed about my recent election to the Chairmanship of the Republican Liberty Caucus. You […]

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The Kill the Small Farmer Bill

April 2, 2009 Dave 0

Single-party control of our government has created a situation where the normal restraints of common sense and accountability have been entirely lifted from our legislators […]