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Palin on the Vice Presidency

August 31, 2008 Dave 2

In the brief time since Sarah Palin became the Republican Vice Presidential nominee and the number one target of the left-wing smear machine, one of […]

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Palin Unites the GOP

August 30, 2008 Dave 5

Over at the DailyKos the nomination of Sarah Palin as the Republic VP has them running scared. One of their ‘diarists’ suggests that the Palin […]

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A Thought on Obama

August 30, 2008 Dave 0

Obama has won remarkable symbolic victories as the first black nominee of a major party and someone who has risen so quickly to such prominence […]

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Bob Barr Wins Texas!

August 28, 2008 Dave 14

In a surprising develoipment it appears that scrappy little Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr may have essentially won the presidential election in Texas by default. […]