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Only in America!

May 31, 2008 Dave 0

At a time when our most fundamental rights are threatened more than they have been in many years, with a future that looks bleak under […]

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Obama Sees Dead People

May 28, 2008 Dave 1

It seems that Hillary Clinton is not the only candidate who can commit a major verbal gaffe, as Barrack Obama did Monday in a Memorial […]

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This is Not a Scandal

May 26, 2008 Dave 4

There’s something deliciously ironic about seeing the bloated finger of manufactured scandal pointed at Hillary Clinton for a change when she and her compatriots have […]

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The Irrationality of Iraq

May 6, 2008 Dave 5

George W. Bush’s ongoing peacekeeping and democracy buildimg mission in Iraq annoys a lot of people for a lot of reasons, but it does make […]