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John Gaver on Conspiracies

April 30, 2008 Dave 6

John Gaver of ActionAmerica with whom I agree on very little, especially who to endorse for president, made a very cogent comment on the Republican […]

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I Hate David Axelrod’s Eyebrows

April 28, 2008 Dave 7

If there’s one thing (besides Rev. Wright) working against Barack Obama, it’s got to be his campaign’s ‘chief strategist’ and inescapable talking head, David Axelrod. […]

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Pravda in America

April 26, 2008 Dave 0

When I lived in the Soviet Union there was a popular saying, “there’s no truth in News and no news in Truth,” which loses something […]

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GOP Unity Forum

April 15, 2008 Dave 0

I thought some readers here might be interested in a new site which I’m developing. It’s called GOP Unity Forum and it’s being put together […]