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Liveblogging a GOP District Convention

March 29, 2008 Dave 41

4:33pm – Neri Fiddles as the Committees Drone on and on

Once we resolved our procedural differences to universal dissatisfaction, all the fine candidates for local office began making speeches in the main hall/basketball court. But the real business pf the convention was happening in two noisy and overcrowded back rooms where the nominating and resolutions committees were meeting.

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Iraq Five Years In

March 26, 2008 Dave 0

So here we are on the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, and some sort of assessment seems almost mandatory. It doesn’t start off […]

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You Are the Corrupting Influence

March 11, 2008 Dave 4

In recent campaign appearances all of the presidential candidates, most especially Barack Obama, have made an issue of their independence from the undue influence of […]