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Why They Really Hate Us

December 31, 2007 Dave 0

There seem to be two dominant viewpoints on why muslim radicals in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world choose America and to a […]

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Just in Case You Forgot…

December 18, 2007 Dave 0

In an interview this week details were released on the bombings in October which killed 170 people in the crowd gathered to welcome once and […]

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Why Ron Paul Will Fail

December 14, 2007 Dave 8

I’ve written previously about some of the problems the Ron Paul campaign faces, but apparently my explanations were too subtle or people just chose not […]

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Live on BlogTalkRadio

December 12, 2007 Dave 2

I’m moderating the second segment of my political show on BlogTalkRadio called Big Tent Roundtable today at 5pm EST. It’s a panel discussion show on […]

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Read a Classic

December 9, 2007 Dave 0

I was recently reminded of Leonard Read’s classic article “I, Pencil” and lo and behold I was able to find it online at the Library […]