2012 Endorsees

Ted Cruz – US Senate, TX

“As a child, my father would ask me, “When I lost my freedom in Cuba, I had a place to flee. If we lose our freedoms here, where will we go?” That’s why I’m running for U.S. Senate. Our liberty is threatened in America now more than ever. In the U.S. Senate, I will help lead the fight to repeal Obamacare, make real spending cuts, pass a balanced budget amendment, and drastically curb stifling federal regulations.It’s been incredibly encouraging to see conservatives across Texas unite around our campaign. The more they hear our message, the more it resonates.”

Richard Mack, CD21, TX

Sheriff Mack has stood against tyranny and has dedicated his life to the principles of state sovereignty as defined by the Constitution of the United States. He knows that the reason America is in such peril today is because she has strayed far away from the path of liberty as established by our founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution. He has a proven record in standing for freedom and will, without question as U.S. Congressman, put Texas first.

Jessica Puente Bradshaw, CD34, TX

As a first generation American, Jessica understands that people come to the United States for opportunity and freedom. She believes, “personal liberties and freedom go beyond party lines but constant and consistent legislation from both sides strips us of our freedoms.” Jessica affirms, “I will always use the principles and values, as outlined by the U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights, as the measure for legislative decisions.”

Rob Roark, CD35
“Rob Roark is a constitutional conservative Republican. Mr. Roark’s core governing ideals are freedom, justice, the rule of law, fiscal responsibility, respect for life, honesty, and transparency in leadership. Mr. Roark is not a career politician and has no intention to become one. Mr. Roark believes that one cornerstone of our republic is the voluntary service of normal, everyday, citizen leaders – people that take responsibility to serve their country and their community for a period of time, and then return to that community to let others carry the banner of leadership. Endless election cycles, constant campaigns, and the influence of special interests and corporate lobbies – these are the hallmarks of an incumbent leadership that has been in office and on the public payroll for too long. Rob Roark is an everyday citizen leader that will set an example of what it means to be a real public servant.”

Wes Riddle, CD25, TX

Today there is a black hole in the American political universe, and Washington threatens to crush us. Tyranny, however well intentioned, must end. States must begin to insist upon their Constitutional prerogative, if we should ever hope to restore the Union. We are no less patriotic or American for saying this, no less committed to the people’s freedom and the Founder’s vision, nor “rebels” for saying we shall ‘pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor’ to achieve this end.

Eddie Traylor, CD10, TX

“Congress must be stopped. Spending must be controlled. I am duty-bound to sharply cut the size of government – so that America remains the economic and military superpower of the world.”

Grant Stinchfield, CD24, TX

“I spent nearly two decades uncovering and exposing fraud, corruption, government waste, and consumer scams. My tireless work earned me four Emmy Awards, leaving me proud to call myself a “watchdog” who fights for the people of Texas. After two decades of covering politics, I became well aware that you can’t change career politicians or the bureaucrats who work for them, but you can expose them. By serving in Congress, my battle plan is to give the power of information directly to the people. I am asking you to lend me the, “keys to castle.” The war on prosperity must end. We must streamline government by using common sense to make deep budget cuts and reform the tax code to promote investment.”

Steve Stockman, CD36, TX

“I don’t understand the debate in some Republican circles about personal liberties. Americans – in our case citizens of the State of Texas, have rights that no foreign or domestic entity can take away. Those rights are enshrined in our state and national Constitutions. To think that someone – anyone – can wipe away your right to a trial, your right to your firearms, your right to free speech, or any other right by decree is anathema to freedom. I’ll stand up to the EPA, the FDA, even the PTA, to defend them to my last breath…”

David Simpson, State House 7, TX

“Man’s actions which harm other men must be checked by force to preserve human life and liberty. I believe that this is the legitimate role of civil government — to do justice and to protect individual rights of life, liberty and property. This consists of enforcing the rules between individuals (contracts), punishing the wrongdoer who harms his neighbor here at home, and defending us from our enemies abroad. Civil government, otherwise, should leave us alone and free. Civil government must be limited, lest it take away the rights of individuals that it was instituted to protect. Civil magistrates, if granted excessive authority and opportunity, may act merely in their own interests and at the expense of the people whom they are to protect. Finally, I believe that local self-government is the best form of civil government. Local self-government made our large and diverse country a great nation and it is essential that it be preserved or we will lose our freedom and the union.”

Jason Isaac, State House 45, TX

“As a conservative I believe in less government and lower taxes, a difficult combination that requires fiscal responsibility and accountability to achieve. We need better schools and better teachers and a more secure border, all of which require more money. At the same time I believe we must lower the cap on property tax increases, which means less new money coming in to pay for our needs. How do we reconcile this dilemma? By better managing our revenue and creating an environment where businesses can prosper and employment can grow.”

Late Additions
George Harper, CD14
Robert Gonzalez, CD14*
Don Al Middlebrook, CD27*
Chris Winn, CD19*

Other State and Local Candidates
Mike Hennefer, Texas House District 65*
Tammy Blair, Texas State Senate 53
Mike Brucia, Texas House District 64
T. J. Fabby, Texas House District 10
Randy Brown, Texas house District 132*
Grant Rostig, State Senate District 21
Mike Hennefer, Texas House District 65*
Jonathan Stickland, Texas House District 92*
Giovanni Capriglione, Texas House District 98*
Vic Vad, Travis County Tax Assessor/Collector
Clay Dafoe, Austin Mayor
Laura Pressley, Austin City Council
Shaun Ireland, Austin City Council
Sam Brannon, Hays County Commissioner
Paul Perry, Ellis County Commissione
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