Federal Candidate Survey

The RLC is a political action organization dedicated to promoting the ideals of individual rights,
limited government and free enterprise within the Republican Party of the United States of America by:

A. Promoting these ideals among Party officials and its various organizations;
B. Identifying and supporting candidates sympathetic with these ideals;
C. Promoting Caucus membership among Party registrants, officials, and officeholders.

On many of these questions you will be allowed to answer more than one answer. All answers are strictly confidential and will not be shared outside of RLC board member and staff.

Which of the following recent pieces of federal legislation would you have supported if you were in office at the time?

What is the proper role of government?

What is the best method of obtaining federal revenues?

Federal electoral campaign contributions and expenditures should be:

Who should decide what a proper education for children is?

From the current level, federal government spending should:

With respect to international commerce, do you favor:

When is U.S. military intervention in other nations justified?

Do you favor national service which is:

Drugs, chemicals and foods which may have harmful side effects should:

The Federal government should engage in the following environmental activities:

Which of the following should be repealed entirely?

The War on Drugs:

Which of the following U.S. foreign interventions did you agree with – and were justified and lawful?

What is the best way to provide equitable access to quality medical care?

Candidate Name:

Election Date:


Office Sought:


When did/will you file:


Campaign address:
Website address:

Contact email:

Campaign phone:

Campaign manager:

Campaign manager's email:
How did you hear about the RLC?

What is the most important issue to you?

Primary motivation for running?

Special Qualifications for Office:

Previous political experience:

Current occupation:
How much time will you devote to campaigning:

Campaign advertising plans:

Estimated Primary Campaign Budget:

Estimated general election campaign budget:

Current campaign funds on hand:

Where do you expect to get most of your funding from?

If you receive an endorsement from the Republican Liberty Caucus will you mention it in your campaign materials or on your website?

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