Action Alert: Act Now to Save the GOP Grassroots

It’s time to get the attention of the RNC and make sure that they know that grrassroots Republicans are not happy with their plans for party “reform” which doesn’t include us.  This is a multi-front effort and we need all the manpower we can get involved.Step #1: Twitterbomb @GOP and use the hashtag #fixthegop and […]Continue reading »

Proposed Resolutions for Texas Republican Platform

As you go to your Senate District Conventions this month you’ll have an opportunity to introduce resolutions through your resolutions committee which will ultimately be considered for inclusion in the …Continue reading »

The Gingrich Deception

In the struggle for the Republican presidential nomination candidates are searching for every advantage they can find, desperate to reach constituencies which can help them gain an advantage over their rivals. Some of them are getting more desperate and more manipulative as they fall behind, even resorting to some pretty blatant lying about their records, […]Continue reading »