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This site is very much still under development as we revise the complete Ragnarok site. For now, you can discover more about Ysgarth, but look for more soon.

Ysgarth is a roleplaying game designed to combine playability and flexibility with an emphasis on the character. We believe that mechanics should facilitate imaginative roleplaying without intruding unecessarily on the creative process and that roleplaying is most enjoyable in a rich and fully realised setting. As a game system and a world Ysgarth strives to embody these principles.

Ysgarth was first published in 1979 and has had a small but loyal following through 6 editions and many changes and developments. We are now working on the 7th edition for release in early 1998, which will preserve the traditions of Ysgarth in a format which is convnient and highly accessible for players and gamemasters alike.

Think of this site as your introduction to Ysgarth. Use the menu below to download the rules in condensed form, plus world background, special mini-adventures and other useful material. There's enough material here for you to at least try the game out in a limited context.