Reverend Ralph has been reborn, his soul cleansed in the blood of the innocent. Not content with leading his flock to heaven through traditional means, he has taken a more pro-active role and hastens their departure manually. Each stab, each chop, each painful evisceration means one less sinner on earth or one more voice in the heavenly choir. For him there is one solution for the guilty and the blameless alike. Kill them all and let god sort them out.

Reverend Ralph gets score bonuses when he opens the gates of redemption for The Church of Satan Coven #666, Dope Smoking Freaks, the Holy Lingam Ashram, The Humanistic School Psychiatrist, the Invetigative Reporter, the Parapsychologist and others at whom the finger of god has pointed. He is particularly adept with the Bible, the Cross and various power tools left over from the last church work day.

Reverend Ralph wears a protective mantle of holiness and although not all of his good works are known (or perhaps because of it), no one is likely to believe he is a killer and he can transfer counterattacks to more likely targets like the godless dogs of the liberal media or the humanistic faculty of Lizzie Borden High School.

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