Suburban Slasher is the classic humorous card game of b-movie horror, innocent victims and psychotic killers. You play one of a number of different killers and hunt down and slaughter typical horror movie characters, racking up points with every kill. You compete with other players who are also killers to see who can get the most and the best victims. Each killer has special interests and special abilities. Sound like fun? There's a catch. Sometimes the victims have the gall to fight back. You have to be quick, clever and tough to survive when a cheerleader picks up a chainsaw and heads out for revenge!

Suburban Slasher is now available in a new edition. This edition has additional killers, weapons and victims, as well as completely updated rules which streamline play and make sure that the fun starts fast and keeps moving. The game is easy to learn and plays very quickly with up to 6 players. The complete package is only $12.

Use the links below to get info on cards and strategy. Just click on the big dollar sign when you want to throw away your sanity and order the game.

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