Then from the dawn it seemed there came but faint
As from beyond the limit of the world,
Like that last echo born of a great cry,
Sounds, as if some fair city were one voice
Around a king returning from his wars.

---------------Alfred, Lord Tennyson - Idylls of the King


This website is your source for the latest information on Quest for the Grail, a great new trading card game from Stone Ring Games.

Quest for the Grail is a game of Arthurian legend. The scene is ancient Britain. Would-be kings vie to pick up the remnants of shattered civilization and establish a new kingdom. They face the perils of Saxon invasion, warlike neighbors, treacherous allies and threats from eldritch magic.

The Limited Edition of Quest for the Grail is now available. It features 280 unique cards and all of your favorite characters from Arthurian legend. It should be available in better game stores everywhere. If your local store doesn't have it yet they can get it from their distributor with ease.

The look of Quest for the Grail is unique. Phenomenal color artwork has been selected for the cards and the graphic design is innovative, yet evocative of fine-quality european playing cards or art cards. Mechanically, Quest for the Grail is designed to have depth and flexibility which make it ideal for long-term play and even extended campaigns.

This site is always growing and changing. Check in from time to time and see what's new.

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