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The idea of the Fair Primary Pledge is to return control of the primary process in the Republican party to the voters and reduce the role of party insiders in picking winners and losers and perpetuating a culture of unaccountable incumbency.

Our objective is to persuade party organizations to stop spending the donations of party members to underwrite some primary candidates against others.  In a number of cases in the 2008 and 2010 primaries we saw party organizations like the Republican National Committee and state Republican Parties spending money raised from party members to underwrite the campaigns of incumbents or picked candidates against popular primary challengers.  One well known example was the effort to subsidize the campaign of Trey Grayson against Rand Paul in the 2010 Senatorial race in Kentucky.  Party groups spent huge amounts of money  to support Grayson and he still lost.  They wasted the money of their donors in an attempt to subvert the will of the people of the state and that is doubly unacceptable.

We have two ways of doing this.  The first is to get Republican primary voters and campaign contributors to sign a pledge not to give money to organizations which spend money to support incumbents and insiders in primaries.  The second is to get those party organizations to agree to policies of not interfering in primary elections.  Pressure from the pledges and the work of grassroots activists ought to be able to persuade our party leaders to let us have fair and open primaries.  Incumbents have enough advantages without party leaders stacking the deck in their favor.

Fair Primary 2012 is a non-profit issue advocacy organization.  If you wish to contact us, please use the form below.

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