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One way of insuring fair primaries in the Republican Party is to win support from your state and local Republican Parties.  In many cases these party leadership groups spend money raised from their members to underwrite the campaigns of insiders and established incumbents and use their positions of power to try to exclude new candidates and discourage any change in the party.

As a party member you can change these policies.  You can introduce the Fair Primary Resolution either through your state party convention process, in your local County Executive Committee or your State Republican Executive Committee.  The easiest way to do this is if you are a precinct chair, and if you really want to make the party better you should seek appointment or election as a Precinct Chair (Precinct Captain or Delegate in some states).  As a Precinct Chair you can propose resolutions in your County Executive Committee Meeting, but even if you aren’t you can work to persuade someone to introduce it for you.  The CREC can also be the starting point for a resolution which gets passed on for consideration by your State Republican Executive Committee.  Finally, you can also join thousands of others in urging national party organizations to also agree to the resolution and stay out of primary elections.

Target Groups to Pass Resolution:

  • County Republican Executive Committees
  • State Republican Executive Committees
  • National Republican Congressional Committee
  • National Republican Senatorial Committee
  • Republican National Committee

Text of the Resolution:

“As a party organization which represents the interests of all Republicans, we agree not to spend money from our members or to use our position of authority within the party to try to influence the outcome of party primary elections on the local, state or national level.  We will remain neutral and support all candidates equally, saving our resources for the more important goal of defeating the Democrats and winning in the general election.”


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