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Jul 28 2011

The NRSC’s Dismal History of Backing the Wrong Horse

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There are many negative consequences which can result from party organizations taking sides in primary elections, but the worst trend we saw in 2010 was in Senatorial races where the National Republican Senatorial Committee repeatedly got involved in primaries, backed a party insider who then lost the primary and decided to leave the Republican Party and run as an independent and then also lose the general election. This example of terrible decision making by the NRSC is one of the main things which has raised awareness among Republican voters that party insiders do not share the same beliefs or support the same kinds of candidates which they do.

In Florida the NRSC stepped in to endorse Governor Charlie Crist in the Senatorial primary against popular Tea Party candidate Marco Rubio. Crist lost the primary then turned independent and ran against Rubio again in a three way election and lost that election too. Now Rubio is one of the rising stars in the Senate and the NRSC looks incredibly foolish.

They did the exact same thing in Pennsylvania backing Arlen Specter who also lost in the primary, went independent and ultimately lost the Senate seat to Pat Toomey. Toomey wasn’t even an outsider radical, but a well established former Congressman with an excellent reputation who has already proven to be an outstanding asset to the party in the Senate.

Similarly the NRSC also backed party insider Trey Grayson against Rand Paul in Kentucky, backed Lisa Murkowski against Joe Miller in Alaska and helped scuttle the Christine O’Donnell campaign in Delaware as well. And as we all know, Rand Paul has turned out to be the most impressive freshman Senator of those elected in 2010.

In these cases the NRSC not only picked the less popular candidate solely because they were an establishment insider, but also ended up wasting money they could have spent in the general election to beat the Democrats. Spending the donations of Republican voters to support candidates who those voters oppose and then having lose the primary, abandon the party and then lose again as independents is so incredibly embarassing that the NRSC ought to stay out of future primaries out of pure shame.

Imagine the additional Senate seats Republicans could have won in 2010 if the money wasted by the NRSC trying to control the outcome of primaries had been saved and spent on key states in the general election. At the very least they could have used that money to assure the defeat of Harry Reid who won reelection by a narrow margin in Nevada. So thank the NRSC every time the Democrat majority blocks a vote in the Senate and you see Harry Reid smirking about it.

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